Tuesday, August 11, 2015

New Designs and Things

Mom and I working
Mom and I have been trying to get out into the garage/studio more. This is us this past weekend working on making up test charm bracelets. Since we don't have a bracelet mandrel (mom was making up the bangles for me) she was using a paint can, rubber cement jar and a wine bottle to form the bracelets. Improvise, adapt and overcome!

So, here are something we have been working on.

Dragon Plate - went into a shadow box for displaying

Mom loves this piece - and it actually sold at our
show at the Broadway Library Show.

Kokopelli after I finished enameling them
Kokopelli in a shadow box - this sold at our show at the Broadway Library

Frog pendant

Leaf pendant

Copper word bracelets:

Just Breathe bracelet with our lampwork beads.
I textured the copper on our cement floor in the garage since we don't
have texture hammers or texture plates.

You Matter bracelet with our lampwork glass beads

Be Awesome bracelet with our lampwork glass beads
Handmade copper word charms:
Word charms I made from etched copper that I then patined with colors

Mom made the test bangles so I could wear the
charms to make sure they can stand up to
someone wearing them. I love how they
sound when I wear them all together!

Sawing projects:
The pile of stuff to saw out is to the left and the scrap copper is to the right.

These are things I actually sawed out on Sunday.
Five pair of earrings (at the top), and four pendants.
Now to add them to the pile of stuff to file.
All the stuff to be filed and sanded. If you know of any filing or sanding
fairies - can you send them our way :)
Mom drawing up the piece for the August ABS Challenge. Maybe
we will actually finish the piece before the end of the month :)

So - that is what we have been up to lately. Hopefully I will get better at the blogging again. I have been mostly posting to our Instagram and Facebook pages; if you want to keep up with what we have been doing.


  1. I find a lot of designers are blogging less, but I still love these posts on what you're up to! Love the kokopelli pieces, and the fabulous color combinations in the frog pendant. Now that's a frog with attitude!

  2. You must be a sawing machine. And then the filing? Wow! Great work.


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