Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Clouds, Sawing/Filing, and Painting

For the last week or more we have been having a lot of thunderstorms and pop up rain showers. Mom and I will never complain about the rain because you never know when it won't rain again. But due to all the crazy weather we have had some amazing cloud displays. I love, love, love cloud watching. I don't know about you but I have so much fun trying to find shapes in clouds. Do you still do that as an adult?

On Saturday I worked in the garage by sawing out some pieces. I first had to glue the patterns onto the copper. That is the above picture. I use glue on the back of the patterns and on the copper I am going to attach the patterns to.

I then had my one pile of pieces to saw out and the other pile of pieces that needed to be filed and sanded.

I went ahead and sawed out several pieces and then started filing them. Some of the pieces are going to be folded and shaped - I will use a torch to soften them up so we can shape them. I let mom hammer the bowls into shape - lets her get out her aggression :)

On Sunday I helped mom finish up her painting of my old bedroom and bathroom. I think this is the happiest I have seen her since before the surgery. I will share final pics once we get the room back into order.

We are trying to get the painting done before we pick up the kids (niece and nephew) this weekend. They are here for their annual two week vacation with us. Don't worry - you will see lots of pics. Mom has a jammed pack two weeks of things for us to do. I just hope the weather will cooperate with all the plans - but if not - improvise, adapt and overcome!

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