Monday, June 8, 2015

More Beads Made this Weekend and a Seed Beading Question

Making test beads for the June ABS Challenge
This weekend was another weekend working on the torch. I am seriously in love with the oxygen concentrator. I don't have to worry about using up all the oxygen in the tanks and I can play with different colors now to see what we like for projects. Mom and I are kicking ourselves for not buying the concentrator sooner - oh well.

Two of the beads I was making on Saturday.

While I am sitting in the garage making beads - I can smell mom's lilac tree all the way inside. We think the tree likes its new location. The tree used to be in the back yard where the extension now is located - before they started working on the extension mom had two of her trees moved - the lilac tree to the front yard and another tree to the back flower bed. I am so glad she decided to have this one in the front yard - it smells so good!

These are the beads from Saturday's day of play.

These are the beads mom and I agreed on to use for the June ABS Challenge piece. I made more of these beads on Sunday and they are in the kiln waiting to be taken out and cleaned.

These are a set of beads mom wants me to make more of. She wants to use them in a completely different necklace. I am going to have make these beads next weekend or after we have the kids for a visit (my niece and nephew are coming up the 20th of June for a two week visit - I don't think anything will be done while they are here).

I made these thinking they could go with the ABS Challenge - but mom and I ended up deciding to use them for something else. I am thinking a bracelet - maybe with one of our stamped bracelet bars - not sure yet.

And of course - two test beads that will be used for a set of earrings. I am not sure if mom and I like how these beads turned out. But I am sure someone will like them as earrings.

And beads I finally cleaned.

While I was making beads and cleaning beads mom was filing and sanding A LOT of pieces we have had piled up. Of course while she was filing a piece she stabbed herself with a file. But we bandaged her up and she kept at it - go mom - go mom!

Okay - the Seed Beading Question:

Google Images
Mom and I are working on a large Kokapelli piece for a shadow box. There are three Kokapelli's I need to enamel and then mom will hang them in the shadow box.

Mom is wanting several pieces that are seed beaded in a chevron pattern with the colors we will use for the Kokapelli. The image above is just ideas - I am really not sure what she wants.

Is there someone who can seed bead these for us? If so, please email us and we will discuss what mom is looking for.

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