Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Sawing, Schedule, Bead Goodies and Full Moon

Mom had me find our dry erase board this weekend so we can write down what we have going on so we don't drop the ball on anything that is due.  I think it was a good idea so we have an idea when challenge pieces are due.  Yay mom for a good idea!!!

Mom and I didn't like the idea we had going for the February ABS Challenge piece and I told her my idea I had.  We focused on one of the objects in the painting - the fish.

We sawed the fish out in four separate sections - going to enamel the piece and the hook the pieces back together with jump rings.  I think it is going to be interesting - even if does look like a rocket ship :)  I can't wait to enamel this weekend - it is supposed to be up to almost 40 degrees - it is a heat wave!!!

We did saw out the pendants for the 3rd Annual Challenge of Music.  I think mom is really excited to see how the pieces turn out - just the sawed the sawed out pendants are nice.  We sawed out two pendants - one pendant mom has a color scheme and the other pendant I have a different color scheme.  Mom has an idea on the direction she wants to go and so do I - so this should be interesting to see how the pieces turn out.  I can't wait to share on March 1st.

On Saturday mom and I sent to our favorite bead store - Vons.  We ended up buying some brass spacers to go with our Echo Challenge piece that is due on February 25th.

These babies were on sale - they are some sort of Jasper (I think).  I love the colors.

 Another type of Jasper that was on sale.

Vons has a back table with lots of strands of beads that you can buy 3 strands for $10 - so we bought some blue beads. It was fun looking at all the beads that were on sale because we are on a budget right now until our show at the end of March.

I noticed the full moon outside my bathroom window for a couple of days - so I took a series of photos with the phone.  I am pretty happy with the way these turned out and I even have the second one as a screen saver on my phone.  I really love that window in the bathroom - never really paid much attention at what was outside until I was standing there looking out.

So, that was our weekend in a nutshell.  I can't wait to enamel this weekend because I don't think I will be freezing my behind off - can't wait to share all the goodies too!

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