Thursday, February 27, 2014

February ABS Challenge - A Fish By Any Other Name

Well, it has been a long time since mom and I have done a monthly challenge but we finally completed a piece for this months ABS challenge piece.

To see mom drawing out the piece you can read about it here and to see the enameling session you can read about it here.

We are calling our piece "A Fish By Any Other Name".  We first had a totally different game plan for this piece but a few weeks ago we decided to go in this direction.

Both mom and I wanted a larger pendant and a pendant that had movement - which I think we achieved here.  Mom drew up the pendant and then I sawed out the exteriors and sawed the pendant into four different pieces.  Mom then sawed out the interior of the pendants.  After filing and sanding I enameled it in the colors from the painting.

I wanted to use a set of our lampwork beads in the necklace and I think these worked out great - these are a set of our Rose Bouquet beads (which I swiped from the Etsy shop to use in this piece - improvise, adapt and overcome!).

A few weeks ago mom and I went to our favorite bead store Von's and these beads were on sale - 40% off - so how could we say no to them.  The pink beads are Mother of Pearl and the purple beads are called "Sugilite" jasper beads and then some seed beads and Czech beads.

Mom and I have been throwing names back and forth for this piece.  I was thinking of something that would go with the colors/garden theme and mom wanted something with the fish - so instead of "A Rose By Any Other Name" - we went with "A Fish By Any Other Name".  So, I sort of got my rose in there :)

So, that is our piece for the February ABS Challenge.  I am so glad mom yelled at me to come and string this sucker tonight otherwise it wouldn't have got done.  Thank goodness for nagging mothers!!!

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  1. Just love it! I enjoy seeing how different designs can develop when we all start from the same place.


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