Monday, December 30, 2013

Completed Inside Extension Pictures

Bathroom Window and Snow
Okay, mom and I finally finished putting up paintings this weekend - though we have two paintings we still have to find homes for and five paintings I still need to have framed.  I actually have more wall space than I thought I would have - shopping!!!!

So, here are the photos of the extension with all the paintings up.

Bedroom wall as you enter from the computer room - my dresser
and paintings

My very large bed - the cats use the step stool to get on the bed

The other bedroom wall with my Rena pictures
Wall from the computer room with paintings and litter boxes.
Ended up putting the litter boxes in the bedroom - it isn't as
bad as I thought it would be.  I do vacuum morning and night.

Curio cabinet with all my pretties - you can almost see my
Lucio pieces and you can see Lucio's red book in there.
Bottom shelf has my grandma Mert's tea set from high school.

Updated picture with more stuff on top and a painting. You can
almost see another Lucio piece and a Steve Sizelove piece too.

More of my paintings.  On top of the curio cabinet is my head dress
based off of a Alaskan tribal headdress I had to make in my
textile class.  You can also see my teddy bear dressed as a dragon.

My closet with book shelves, curio cabinet (of angels and dragons) and a
cat Koshka - I actually just thought of four more paintings that I made in my
2-D class that I plan on hanging above the shelves - need to
pack away some of the blankets so I have room

Update of the closet with paintings from Alaska and my stuffed animal collection

Looking into the living room and comfy couch.  My great-grandpa's and
grandpa Lee's flags and awards.  Plus my Reflections painting.  I have to
order another flag case for my grandpa Ralph's flag and I need to get
his awards hung.  I also need to order two gun holders to put up
two of my grandpa Lee's rifles.

Memorial Wall

My stuff from my time in the Army
Both memorial walls and Koshka.  That is her favorite place to lay - the comfy
Looking into the living room from the door

More Rena paintings

The TV and more Rena paintings
Hallway with a Rena painting over the fuse box

Hallway wall outside the bathroom
Back of the hallway near the back door with my barn door
Bathroom wall by the mirror

Other side of the mirror and right as you come in the door
So, that is a look into my new digs.  I hope you enjoyed the tour - since that is all I have talked about almost all year.  Thanks for your patience as mom and I got this done.  Now it is onto creating in 2014!!!!


  1. I just love your new place! I am especially impressed by the fact you have your paintings up. We have lived here for just over three years and we still need to get ours up.


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