Wednesday, June 19, 2013

More Extension Updates

I wanted to start this off with a cute pictures of baby birds I found in my backyard under one of my bushes.  The momma bird built the nest on the ground under one of my bushes amongst the weeds.  They now have flown the nest because they weren't out there the other night when I went to check on them.   I really, really hope momma was teaching them how to fly!

Extension updates:

Plywood walls went up last week - so exciting because now it gives us more of an idea of how big the extension really is.  This is the backdoor going into the extension.  I do have a door coming out of the office into my bedroom so two exits.

The back of the house with plywood walls.

Looking in from the backdoor into the bathroom.

My sitting area with the window covered up for now :)

This is the next day where the wrapped the house - almost like a present!!!

The back of the wrapped extension.

Mom showing me where the window will go - she will kill me for
posting this pic!

This is what I came home to yesterday - a roof on the house.  Mom had to talk to the contractors yesterday about several different things.  Once of the things Jim wanted to talk to mom about was adding another window in the bathroom area.  He had an idea of a port hole window and mom and I could make a stained glass piece to fit into it.  I really liked that idea - now just need to find a pattern and see what glass mom has to make it (she used to make stained glass pieces all the time).

I was bouncing in excitement last night when I saw all of this - this is so freaking exciting and it is happening!  Of course I was still bouncing with giddiness because I had a wonderful day at work too.  Mom said I was just glowing!

The interior of the extension with a roof on it - it looks so different now with the roof on the extension.

Looking up through the roof at the sky - I love this picture!

mom walking through my bathroom

So, that is the update of the extension.  It sure is trucking along now and I can't wait to see what they have accomplished by the end of the week.  Will try to keep you all updated but we pick up the kids on Saturday, stay overnight in St. Louis and drive back home on Sunday with them.  I am sure the next two weeks will be a whirlwind with them here for a visit.


  1. Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! So happy for you!

  2. It is looking good - how exciting for you!

  3. Such an exciting time! I can just see that you will be so happy here. Thanks for sharing the progress! Enjoy the day. Erin

  4. I am truly excited for both of you! I remember when I bought my house 12 years ago. It took 9 months to build and I came here every weekend to revel in the construction changes!

    Enjoy the next two weeks!


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