Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Framing, Pendants, Beads Oh My

The framing of the extension is moving right along - this is from Monday night.  This now gives mom and I an idea of where I can put my things :)  The paper plans give you an idea of the extension but until it starts going up you have no idea what it is going to look like.

This is the kitty room and the bathroom.  The guys laid down boards so we can get an idea of the rooms.  In the kitty litter room will also be a furnace.  The guys also made an executive decision because I didn't have a door really going into the bathroom, it was off the kitty room and they thought it would be nicer for it to go off the sitting room so if someone comes in the backdoor (mom) you don't have to worry about someone on the toilet :)

This will be my sitting area - my comfy couch, credenza with the TV on it.  Maybe a bookshelf or my curio cabinet - not sure yet.  They also made another decision to move where we had the window.  It is going more toward the kitty room so I have more wall space for all my paintings (which mom told me she will measure and hang since that is something I just don't do - I slap them on the walls where I like them).

My walk in closet - actually a lot bigger than I thought it would be.

My bedroom - the window will be removed and a pocket door installed to go into the office.  They don't want to do any work on the side of the house until all the framing is done and the walls are up.  Yes, the siding will be removed from the house :)  I told mom I didn't care about the size of the bedroom it just had to have my big bed, I use a step stool to get into the bed, my dresser and a curio cabinet.  I think I will have to store all my books under my bed which is alright with me.

After we walked through the extension on Monday, ate the wonderful dinner I made, mom and I worked on sawing out pendants.  These are the pendants I sawed out.  The key and owls I plan on patina-ing after I have filed and sanded the pendants.  I have two feather pendants that will be made into earrings, one of those pendants I went through four saw blades in less than a minute.  They were tricky little boogers!!!!

Mom started sawing on this plate - it is a turtle with a skull and rose design.  I can't wait until she has it done so I can enamel it - it is going to be awesome!  Can you see the saw movement as mom is sawing?

These are the beads I made on Sunday and got out of the kiln on Monday.  Not exactly like I envisioned but still mom and I have an idea for a necklace.  Just so you know the bottom of the bead is a base of pink with frit on top and the top of the bead is transparent gray.

Yesterday mom had an event she attended after work so I went to her house to make beads. The June ABS Challenge was posted and I had an idea for beads to go with our pendant.  Mom has an idea for the pendant but she needs to finish drawing it up - maybe we can start sawing it out tonight.  Hey, we might even get our piece done before the end of the month.

Here is an image of the beads I am working on.  Sorry it is fuzzy but it was hard to hold the bead and try to take a picture with the camera.

I plan on stopping at mom's tonight to clean the beads and see how they turned out, maybe make more beads or saw out pendants.  I think there will be a big enameling session this weekend!!!


  1. Your posts are always so full of love. You probably don't even realize it. I love that turtle your Mom's working on! The rose on its back is gorgeous.

    You must be getting excited about the building and imagining life after the move. I look forward to seeing your space come alive.

  2. I am so excited for you! Construction is moving right along! I saw your pics of your pendants on FB..Love those leaves! That turtle is AMAZING!!!! Have fun enameling this weekend!


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