Monday, June 10, 2013

Completed Enameled Pendants

Enameled Pieces - Two weeks ago - Earrings, Wolves, Sunbursts.

The above pendants are from an enameling session two weeks ago.  The sunbursts were made for a customer - we made three different sizes for her to choose from and she went with the larger pendant.  The two wolves are in black/gray/white color scheme and the other is a brown/white color scheme.  And the last set of pendants will be a pair of earrings in my favorite color scheme "Peacock".  That is what I call the three color enamels I combine to get that color and I LOVE it :)

This is what I enameled yesterday - the top is a Koi plate, a hedgie pendant, a clasp, four turtles and the piece for the June ABS challenge

Close up pics:

This is the clasp - white crackle enamel and purple enamel (already have a necklace planned for the clasp) and the hedgie pendant.

The Koi plate - hard to see but it is in yellow, oranges and a red.  Once I get the back cleaned up mom is going to put it in a shadow box to give it a more finished look.  Plus I think if it is in the shadow box customers have a better idea of what to do with the piece - hang it on the wall.

The June ABS Challenge pendant and beads to go with it.  I now just need to go through our bead stash to see what we have to finish this necklace off - hey we might even get it done before the end of the month :)

Four turtle pendants - two of them mom wants to give to our contractors because their company is called Terrapin Renovations. 

So, the next step is to clean up the backs of the pendants I worked on this weekend.  Once that is done I need to take pics and get them posted out on our Etsy shop.  Not sure when this will happen - it depends on the weather.  Mom and I are working on the outside of my house trying to get it curb appeal ready for when I put it on the market.  We started working on it Thursday night, Friday and Saturday.  I seriously don't like yard work and you can tell - lots to fix up.  Plus I need to start painting the trim of the house because that hasn't been done since it was built.  Oh, and the my niece and nephew are coming for a visit the last week of June and first week of July so trying to get a lot done because nothing will be done while they are here!

Please be patient while I try and get the long list of stuff done :)  I hope you enjoyed the eye candy I know it has been awhile since we shared enameled pics.  Have a wonderful week everyone!


  1. Those animals are amazing! Especially the wolves and turtles. Wow!

  2. These are so cool...I LOVE the turtles! I hate yardwork, too. Mostly because I cannot stand the heat! Best of luck! :)


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