Monday, June 3, 2013

Extension, Sawing Pendants and Dahlia Flowers

The framing has started on the extension.  The guys were there when I pulled into mom's driveway on Friday.  They were soaking wet because it had rained but they said they have started the framing.  OMG it is finally coming together.  What they have started framing is where the kitty litter room, bathroom and part of the bedroom and sitting area.

Here is where the door will be to come in from the other side.  This back door goes right into mom's back door which goes into the kitchen.

This is where the window will be for my sitting area.  It looks right into mom's living room; so when I am sitting here with the window open I can yell at mom in the living room to get me something to drink :)

And here is where the bedroom window will be.  The little area with the grass we will tear out and make into a small garden.  Mom and I have been buying rose bushes because that is what we want to put in this area.

Mom drawing a pattern for a new plate - I can't wait to enamel this!
Yesterday we received a letter letting us know that we weren't accepted into one of the juried art shows in September.  This is a show where mom and I do really well at but this year we were not accepted.  This sort of put mom into a funk - mom does not handle rejection well.  I plan on calling to ask for the juror comments to see what was said - do we need to improve on pics, presentation or do something different with our pieces.  I had some friends comment it could just be that there were too many jewelry artists.  I do have to say it got me motivated to look for other juried art shows yesterday (found several we want to apply for next year in Indy, Covington and Fort Wayne) and we also applied for two other shows for the fall of this year.  So, maybe something good came out of that rejection letter!

So, to keep mom busy we did a lot of sawing yesterday.  I sawed out the perimeters of pendants and a new plate (I hate sawing the interior designs, that is all mom!).

Here is mom sawing out one of the turtle pendants.  I seriously don't know how she does it sometimes!

Here are the sawed out pendants and the turtle plate perimeter has been sawed out.

This is a koi that mom has sawed, filed and sanded.  It is ready to be enameled - which will be a big enameling session next weekend.  I want to have a large assembly line going with all of the pendants and plates.

Mom and I did take a break to go flower shopping.  Mom is on a Dahlia kick this year - she already has a yellow one planted in her front flower bed.

Mom bought two of these pink Dahlias and two darker pink Dahlias.

She also bought three dark red/orange Dahlias and dark purple Cali Lily that will go in the back flower bed.  I also bought four bushes for my house - I have one bush I need to replace and I have three places where I need to fill in blank areas in my flower beds (getting the outside to look pretty for when I put the house on the market).

One of the rose bushes we bought (Oranges and Cream) is budding.  I am taking pics as the buds slowly open up.  We also bought another rose bush yesterday - I think it is called White Licorice.

So, that is a recap of the weekend.  Oh, I did make up some beads for a necklace and I am not sure how they are going to look until tomorrow when I take them out of the kiln.  I also need to work on taking pictures of pendants that I enameled last weekend and get them posted out on Etsy.  So, lots to do and have to stop sitting on my butt and get busy.  Come on motivation!!!!

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  1. Good to see the pictures of the extension - I'm glad it is coming along so well.
    Sorry you didn't get into the show - but as you said, it got you looking at other venues. Good luck with your applications.


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