Friday, May 3, 2013

Recap of the Weekend Show and Week

This past weekend was our first show of the season - Spring Into Art in Nappanee, IN.  Mom and I like this show and we had a good time - plus it was in a new location - this wonderful old building.  You can go to their Facebook page and check out the pictures from the show.

This was the building we were in - if you look really close through the windows you can see our white pedestals on our table.

Mom putting pendants on our mirror for display
Friday morning mom and I left for Nappanee, about a two and half hour drive.  Once there we started setting up because the show started at 5pm for the patrons and opened to the public at 7pm - so a long day for us.

When mom and I set up - I help by putting stuff out and putting necklaces on the stands.  Because I suck at making the table look pretty - that is ALL mom!

This is the necklace side after I have put everything out - notice all the straight and regimented lines.

This is mom fiddling and making the table look pretty.

Here is the table after mom has finished making it look pretty.  Seriously we need to graph everything out on how we put the tables together because it is never the same show to show.

This image gives you an idea of what the interior of the building looks like.  You would not believe how many cool things there were take pictures of - not just the artwork but the building itself!

Here are a few - I have more :)

An old door that goes to the other side of the building where there are shops and a small grocery store.

A rusty hinge on another door.  I am going to have to do a blog post just of the images I took of the interior but this gives you an idea of what pictures I was taking Saturday morning before the show opened up to the public.

Saturday night the show ended at 6pm - tore down and left a little before 7pm.  So, I think I dropped mom off at her house around 9:15.  I seriously can't wait until the extension is built so I can just go inside with mom and crash instead of driving another two miles to get to my house and crash :)

Bracelet working on - our Kuiper Belt beads, gunmetal spacers

Sunday mom and I unpacked the car and then started working on making so more inventory.  I worked on two bracelets and a necklace and mom assembled four Viking Knit necklaces with polymer Steampunk pendants.

Bracelet in pink - still need to finish assembling
Completed necklaces - Butterfly Kisses and Viking Knit

I also played with etching and patina this week.  I have not etched since one of my metalworking classes at Purdue and I have wanted to play for a long time but no money in the EB budget.  So, I said darn it I want to play so I am buying the materials and I am playing!!!!

This is my first attempt at etching.  I used a paisley stamp for the design.  I think I need to let it etch a little bit more but I do like how it turned out.

I then played with some Vintaj patina's.  I need to be a little bit better on overall coverage but both mom and I like how they turned out.

I then tried etching last night with two new stamps.  I really like how these turned out.  Now I have to play with the patinas again and see what happens.  Though I think I will liver of sulfur that key and make it into a pendant.

This past week has been gorgeous outside and we have been walking at lunch (a couple of my friends).  Here are some of the pics I took over the course of the week.

Can you find the bunny????

This is a pergola at the hort park with wisteria all over it
I can't wait until it is fully bloomed to take pics

So, that is the recap of the last week.  Mom and I have a show tomorrow so more about that later.  I do plan on posting more pics from the Nappanee show and the warehouse.

Extension update too - nothing has been done since the sewage lines were dug last week.  Unless you count mom working in the flower bed that was dug up or me trying to mow her yard.  Her yard is an obstacle course right now in the back with all the ruts and dug up areas.  At least I get a workout mowing.  Once anything is done I will take pics and share the updates.

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