Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Awesome Old Building Pics from Nappanee Show

The outside of the entrance to the show
Two weekends ago mom and I had a show in Nappanee, IN, Spring Into Art.  This year they had the art show in a new location, this awesome old warehouse where a family use to make kitchen cabinets.  The place is called Coppes Commons (I think I have that spelled correctly).  There were so many interested things to take pictures of and not just all the wonderful artwork!

I thought I would share the pics I took inside.  Enjoy!!!

The door lead to the other side where there were shops

Hinge to the door

Another awesome old door

How the door was opened

The pulley to the door
A bricked up door

Rusty hinge

The other side of the rusty hinge
Rusted plate

Close up of the screw
A wonderful rusted beam showing through the bricks
Awesome wood beam with a crack right down the middle

Another image of the wood beam
I hope you enjoyed the walk through the warehouse with me. I love old places like that - so many cool things to take pictures of!!!

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  1. Look at all those colors, textures and rust! LOVE, LOVE IT!


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