Sunday, March 3, 2013

Sunday Happenings - Making a Lightbox

flax & twin: DIY Photo Lightbox

Today I started making a light box from Pinterest and you can find it on my board under tutorials.  I have wanted to make a light box for a very long time and finally decided to bite the bullet and do it.

This is me starting out with the light box - measuring the sides to cut them out.  Just so you know I started to measure on the inside and mom says, "Beth why don't you measure on the outside of the box to make it easier."  Yes, I am an idiot and this is why I make mom do all the measuring.

This is mom taking over especially when a box cutter became involved.  My mom knows me too well.  Plus it was great getting her to take over so it is done right :)

The finished light box.  I think I am going to need to get another lamp to add more light.  I am looking forward to the weather becoming warmer so I can take it outside to take photographs.

I did test it - this is a clasp that I used with just the sun lamp in the kitchen.

This is the same clasp in the light box with the sun lamp - I think it will work great once I get the other sun lamp out of the garage and add it to the one I already use.

Warrior Woman Version III
Mom and I also completed and dropped off a necklace we are donating for a cancer benefit.  Where we go for breakfast on the weekends one of our waiters, we talk to and they know our orders by heart, asked if we would like to donate a piece and we said yes.

Warrior Woman Version III

Mom and I donated two Warrior Woman necklaces last year and we loved how they turned out.  I wanted to make a Warrior Woman pendant with blue hair, which is what I wanted to do last year but couldn't, and mom said I could this time.  We both love how it turned out and we hope who ever wins the auction loves her too.

Mom and I also did some shopping at Menards today.  They were having a sale on bathroom fixtures and lights.  So, we bought the bathroom mirror, bathroom sink, closet/kitty room lights, outdoor light.  The ceiling fan (for sitting room) we bought two weeks ago when it was on sale.

And we bought the bathroom sink.  We just need to get one more ceiling fan for my bedroom and bathroom light fixture.  The rest of the fixtures the contractors will buy along with the toliet, floors, doors, etc.  The contractors go to the city tomorrow for the permits and in 7-10 days, depending on the weather, they will start laying the foundation.  Mom and I are excited but freaking out (well I am freaking out about selling my house).  Though I am so happy to move back home so I am closer to mom and closer to the studio.  I now can roll out of bed and just go into the garage and make beads if I want to - the freedom to do that is going to be fantastic!!!!

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  1. Buying fixtures! You're getting closer to your dream.


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