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2nd Annual Challenge of Music

2nd Annual Challenge of Music
It is time for the 2nd Annual Challenge of Music hosted by the most awesome Erin, Treasures Found, Inspiration is Everywhere.

The rules for this challenge was:
  • Find a piece of instrumental music that speaks to you soul. The goal is to find a piece of music without any choral accompaniment, so that you have the freedom to interpret the colors, textures, shapes, movements and images that it evokes. YOU get to tell the story!
  • Create something of your choice - jewelry, accessory or some other artistic representation - that takes us on the journey of this piece of music. I am opening this challenge up to any artistic interpretation. Whatever way this music moves you, follow its lead!

  • The minute I read that the Challenge was instrumental music I knew what piece I wanted to use.  Just so you know I was a band geek (marching band, instrumental band, pep band, symphonic band) and I love classical music.  I have a whole slew of music that speaks to me, but the piece I wanted to use is something I have listened to since I was about 7 years old - "Music Box Dancer" by Frank Mills.

    I am the one on the right (mom says it looks like
    I am full of it and I know it)
    Frank Mills is a Canadian pianist and recording artist. He released the song "Music Box Dancer" in 1974 but it wasn't a big hit.  The song was re-released in 1978 when it because a hit in Canada and then Bob Parker, in Nashville began playing the song over the closing credits of the newscast.  The Nashville DJs quickly latched onto the song and the album was a hit.  The song reached #3 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1979.  This song was Mill's only U.S. Top 40 hit. (Wikipedia)

    The reason I chose "Music Box Dancer" is because I danced to this song for my one and only ballet performance in 1979 or 1980.  I remember listening and practicing to this song over and over.  I remember not only listening to the song for practice but for pleasure - though you would think I would be sick of listening to it from practice.

    To me this song means freedom and fun.  I remember having a lot of fun with ballet, tap dance and gymnastics as a child.  I know I wasn't the best dancer but I just remember the joy I felt to just be free and move.  I think that is what I feel when I listen to this song as an adult - it brings back the joy I felt in dancing.  That joy that I wish I could capture as an adult - the freedom of dance (which I can't even dance now).  When I listen to this music now, I see colors in motion - bright and happy colors - that go in time with the tapping of my feet.

    So, that is what I wanted to bring to this piece - joy in motion and color.  So, without further ado - our piece for the Challenge of Music.

    Poetry in Motion - name of our piece
    I found my tutu (which mom made) and my ballet slippers.  How in the world was I ever that tiny????

    I wanted a pendant to show the joy a dancer finds in dancing and being in motion.  I wanted to bring in the colors that I see when I listen to that song.  I think mom and I did a great job trying to interpret what I see and feel when I hear "Music Box Dancer".

    I love how I was able to enamel her dress the variegated colors from white, yellow, orange to red.  Mom and I used the ribbons to convey motion from the dancer and the song.

    The lampwork beads I made I wanted to try and show motion again.  I did that by using a base bead of white, frit on top and then feathered the frit.  We used accents of pearls and pink Czech beads because I wanted a little bit of pink in the piece for my tutu.

    Here is a close up of the pendant - doesn't she just look so free.

    So you know what the song sounds like here are two video's of "Music Box Dancer".

    This second one is a longer version - a Remix of "Music Box Dancer"

    Thanks for checking out our 2nd Annual Challenge of Music.  Below you will find the list of other participants:

    Erin Prais-Hintz
    Alenka Obid
    Ali McCarthy
    Alicia Marinache
    Amy Severino
    Amy Grass
    Carolyn Lawson
    Cece Cormier
    Cynthia Riggs
    Ema Kilroy
    Emanda Johnson
    Emma Todd
    Erin Kenny
    Evelyn Shelby
    Evie and Beth McCord
    Gerd Andersson
    Holly Westfall
    Jennifer Justman
    Jenny Davies-Reazor
    Jess Green
    Judy Campbell
    Karla Morgan
    Kay Thomerson
    Kristina Johansson
    Lola Surwillo
    Lynn White
    Malin de Koning
    Mallory Hoffman
    Mary K McGraw
    Melissa Meman
    Melissa Trudinger
    Michelle Escano
    Michelle Bourbonniere
    Michelle Heim
    Michelle Mach
    Molly Alexander
    Molly Schaller
    Monique Urquhart
    Niky Sayers
    Pam Farren
    Rebecca Anderson
    Sally Russick
    Sharon Palac
    Sharon Driscoll
    Susan Kennedy
    Tari Kahrs
    Tracy Stillman
    Veralynne Malone


    1. Great memories. Your music has me doing a happy dance this morning! And the colors in your magical necklace positively dazzle!

    2. Lovely pendant, it really captures that joy and feeling of freedom that can be found in dancing to a piece of music one loves or feel connected to. She seems happy and here whole body is in the dance, part of the music.

    3. Wow - this post and song makes me feel so happy!!! I, too, was a ballerina in the 70's and have some strikingly familiar photos!
      That pendant is spectacular, it totally emulates movement... and the necklace as a whole is a great interpretation of Music Box Dancer

    4. The colors are spot on for the piece of music. Vibrant, energetic, a little girly... I love that you found your kit from the younger days...

    5. Gorgeous!!!! I love the pendant!

    6. Ladies - as always, your work leaves me in awe. This is one of my favorite songs, - only one of a few that I can still play on the piano - and your necklace perfectly complements the music. You know I'm a big fan of your work, and this time I think you've outdone yourselves yet again! Beautiful!

      :) Molly

    7. What a wonderful trip down memory lane, ladies... to hear a song that was a hit in my high school days. I still love it! You have done an amazing job bringing out the delicate and airy notes in your fabulous pendant, surrounded by the colours and textures that capture a dancer's experience.

    8. Lovely piece! I'm a sucker for lampwork beads and those pretty little pink tutu colors are just wonderful.

    9. Those ribbons are amazing! Love the colours and I bet the movement you get from them is brilliant. And the pendant is just brilliant - love your style :)

    10. Such a lovely piece and I really love your story!

    11. Great movement in your focal and lampwork! I love this song, though somehow never knew the name of it.

    12. Wow, what an amazingly beautiful necklace! I love your pendant & use of mixed media! The metal & enameling work is outstanding! In fact, I'm in AWE! Recently, I tried my hand at enameling again (haven't done any since high school). It is one my to-do list as well as polymer clay. Thanks for the inspiration!

      The Music Box Dancer was one of my favorite pieces. I was in high school when it was released & remember it well. However, did not remember it was of Canadian origin. Thank you for the reminder.

      Your mom was special to have kept your tutu & slippers all these years! What a treasure! Thank you for sharing your pictures & story, you were so cute!

    13. Oh goodness! I remember that song! I loved it. Such a joyous movement to the music. And I think you captured the tiny dancer in your heart with this piece perfectly (my Tiny Dancer will love this one!). I love the pink ruffly pearls for the tutu and the flowing ribbons. Those pictures of you are great. Thank you for joining me in the Challenge of Music. I loved reading your story! Enjoy the day. Erin

    14. I love this necklace, the dancer pendant really captures movement and I love the colours you chose for it too. The music is an old favourite, too.

    15. Love this! Such a wonderful set of memories and the pendant you created is just incredible!


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