Sunday, March 10, 2013

Help Please - Selling a Ceramic Kiln Question

As many of you know I am moving back home with mom and I am slowly taking stuff to Goodwill, giving stuff to friends or lots of recycling.  Well, I have one thing in the garage I would like to sell but I am not sure what to ask for a price - a large stackable Olympic Kiln.

The model is 1823 (can't read the last letters of the plate), volts 240, amps 26.23, max temp 2300.

I have a couple of kiln shelves and stilts and there are two boxes of small pyrometric cones.

And I have the instruction manual.

The reason I am asking for help in pricing is because I have never used the kiln and it has been in my garage since 2009 and before that it was in storage for three years.  I have not plugged the kiln in because I don't have a 240 watt outlet in my garage, so I have no idea if the kiln still works.

If anyone can help me I would sincerely appreciate the feedback and best place to put this up for sale.  If I only sell it for parts I will be happy to remove it from my garage!


  1. Drool....

    Sorry, I know that doesn't help. ;)

  2. when I need a ballpark price for something I want to buy or sell,I ck out E-bay .I look for what items sold for, not starting bids. I also "google " the item to see if any are for sale. That usually gives me at least some idea of reasonable pricing. Hope that helps

  3. How about calling the manufacturer for pricing and depreciation info? I know that the guys at Jen-Ken (Sir-Ramic) are really helpful, so maybe these folks are, too

  4. I have no idea how much a kiln is worth. I wish I could help more. I can't wait to get a kiln myself.


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