Monday, March 18, 2013

Birthday and Weekend Recap

My office cube decorated
For my birthday this is what I came to work too - isn't it great.  Unfortunately the balloons didn't stay up but I think the office is still great!

I love the 40s hanging from the ceiling!

They tin foiled my chair, keyboard, mouse, monitor, phone, stapler, and a lot of other things - the individual pens wrapped was a nice touch!

For my birthday dinner mom and I went out to our favorite restaurant and I just had breakfast for dinner :)

I didn't decorate mom's office - I got her on her 60th plus she is now in another building.  So, I stopped at her house before going to work and dropped off her birthday card and present.  For dinner I took her out to O'Charley's and we both had the Cowboy Steak.  Mom also got wonderful news that the city has approved the building permit for the extension to be built onto the house - YAY!!!  Now she just needs to sign the contract and hopefully the builders can start soon!

Mom and I took Friday off to just work in the garage - of course that didn't happen.  Mom was feeling antsy so we went shopping (window shopping).  We went to Lowe's, Home Depot and Menards looking at refrigerators.  Mom has been thinking about a new fridge for several years so we just took the day to run from store to store looking at the different kinds.

We also went to one of our favorite furniture stores and were looking at a couch for mom and a chaise chair for me.  This couch is awesome - it reclines!!!!  Plus it is nice and cushy - a big must for a couch in my opinion!

Pretty Danskos

On Saturday mom and I had planned, again, to work in the garage but this time I was antsy.  So, after eating breakfast we went window shopping again.  I think we went to Hobby Lobby, Dress Barn, Sam's Club, PetsMart, and the mall.  Mom and I hardly ever go to the mall but mom need a new pair of dress pants and jeans.  When we were making our way back to the starting point we stopped into my favorite shoe store and look what I spied - new designs in Danskos!

Another pair of pretty flower Danskos.  As much as I love Danskos I need a pair of shoes I could wear in the summer time.

So, I ended up buying these pretty shoes.  They are so comfortable!!!!

Enameling session - can see pieces in the background

Sunday I did finally end up enameling.  I enameled our BSBP pendants and other pendants mom had sawed out.  It was a little nippy out in the garage so that is why the hood is up.  While I was enameling mom was cleaning one side of the garage and getting things down from the attic.  Now that we know I am going to moving back home we are both trying to purge our things.

These are the pieces I enameled yesterday and yes they will be going into our Etsy shop.

And of course I can't show you the pendants for the BSBP yet.  Here is a sneak peek.

That is our recap of the birthday's and our weekend.  I am looking forward to seeing what this week brings us!  Have a wonderful week everyone!


  1. Happy happy! I love Dansko's! The most comfy shoes ever and those are great.

  2. Happy birthdays. This is was such an enjoyable post. Thanks for sharing. Starts my Monday off with a smile.

  3. Happy birthday to you both! May this new year be filled with grand adventures and all the pretty things you can hold in your heart! Enjoy the day. Erin

  4. Breakfast for dinner and a new pair of Dansko's? I think you did the birthday week-end up just right! Looking forward to your BSBP reveal.

  5. Happy Birthdays ladies!! Sounds like you had a fun weekend. I miss talking to you Beth. Thanks for stopping by. I think everyone else gave up on me since I haven't posted since last August. Where does the time go?
    I love my new job but don't have much time for the social networking now. Miss you. Loved reading your post.

  6. Happy Birthday...looks and sounds like you had a great weekend celebration. Love the shoes.


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