Monday, February 11, 2013

Our Bead Soup Blog Partner Is...

Yes, mom and I are a little late on announcing who are BSBP partner is, we have been a little busy this past week with a visit from my aunt (from Bailey, CO).  Lori sent us our partner inforamtion on Tuesday and mom and I didn't email our partner until Thursday - yes, I know, bad Evie and Beth.

So, without further ado - Jill MacKay is our BSBP partner this go around.  Mom and I found out that Jill is in the process of a move and was a little busy with the unpacking of boxes and all that fun stuff you have to deal with while moving.

Because of the visit from my aunt, who we haven't seen in two years, we were a little behind on getting our BSBP goodies done.  I just finished the enameling on Sunday, took pics, sent Jill our address information and mom packed up the goodies at 5:30pm on Sunday and I will mail the package on Monday.

Here is a sneak peek:

BSBP Goodies
Jill, mom and I hope you like what we created for you.  There was a color snafu with the enameling, but we improvised, adapted and overcame :)  We are looking forward to receiving our goodies and sharing with everyone.  We will keep everyone in the loop of the process of how we are doing on the creation process - you will have to come back on April 6th, the 2nd Reveal date to see what we both created.


  1. Have fun! I'm in for the 3rd reveal date.

  2. I can not wait! I am doing it for the first time and my partner and I are in the first reveal!

  3. Stopping by visiting all the blogs taking part in the bead soup cant wait to see what you make!


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