Saturday, February 9, 2013

Bead Lovers Challenge - Artisan Whimsy

It is February - the month of LOVE.  On Artisan Wimsy they are having a Valentine Challenge - where we are to design something that represents our PASSION & LOVE.  Well, as many of you know our passion and love is enameled copper - with mom's mad love of sawing and my passion for color.

Mom and I have been on a heart theme for about a year now - we love it (except for some of mom's small design elements that I have to make sure the enamel doesn't fill up the holes).   For the challenge we could submit pieces for the component or the jewelry category -- so of course I thought we would submit for both.

Here is the jewelry component piece:

It is an enameled copper pendant - mom handsaws out the pendant from 20 gauge copper.  She glues down a pattern, drills pilot holes and then takes a jeweler saw and starts sawing.  After the pendant has been filed and sanded I do the enameling.  This pendant we are calling "Flaming Heart" because of the colors - what can I say I love playing with colors.

Our piece for the jewelry category:

The pendant is a smaller pendant that mom handsawed out from 20 gague copper, filed and sanded and then I enameled.  Currently this is my favorite colors of enamel - I mix three different colors together to get the "Peacock" color.  The chain is Viking Knit that mom did, attached the pendant and it is ready to go.

Thank you ladies for this wonderful challenge and for the wonderful prizes.  If you want to participate head on over to Artisan Whimsy and check out the Bead Lovers Challenge.


  1. I LOVE this heart design !
    The Flaming colors are so hot they're cool !
    m.e. :)

  2. wow, wow, WOW!!! both pieces are absolutely scrumptious! well done to you and your mum!


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