Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Hat - Finally Finished

Started January 2011

I finally finished knitting a hat for a friend of mine - started it back in January 2011.  Lisa wanted one of those knitted hats that has a very long tail (can use it as a scarf and hat) with a pompom at the end of it.  I found three different patterns, let her pick the pattern and Lisa bought the yarn and I started knitting it.  OMG it took forever; it was the never ending hat from hell :)  I promised Lisa I would get it done and I wanted to finish it before the new year.

I finished knitting it last night, while watching one of the new DVDs mom got me for Christmas.  This morning mom had instructions up on how to make a pompom and mom helped me finish it off.

This is Zola checking out the hat as I was taking pics.

This is my friend Lisa, who I made the hat for.  It is snowing here and she said she could wait for me to bring it in but I wanted it out of the house and into her hands because IT WAS DONE!!!!

Lisa wearing and modeling the hat for me - she is such a good egg!

Lisa showing off her pompom to another friend of ours.

Lisa showing off the length of the hat.  I have yarn for another hat but I think Lisa and I are going to talk about a different pattern this time :)  I don't think I could handle knitting another one for her or if I do knit another one it is going to be a VERY LONG time :)


  1. I really will learn to knit, one of these days. Congrats on finishing the hat/scarf...that baby is LONG!! :)

  2. that hat is impressive! and testament to your patience.. I can see Lisa loves it!


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