Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Christmas Ornaments for Gifts

Idea from Pinterest
Since I am on Pinterest a lot I came across a lot of ideas for homemade ornaments (have a board called Christmas Ornaments).  I had the idea of making ornaments with our pictures of buildings around campus and black and gold for our co-workers.  Mom made up ornaments for her co-workers with family portraits and I used pics of the Purdue buildings.  I have to say mom did a wonderful job in making the ornaments (I am the brains and she is the person to make it work!).  I didn't get pics of the ornaments mom made for her co-workers but I did get pics of the ones for my co-workers.

Here you go:

The Bell Tower

Hovde Fountain

I think this Loeb Fountain

Purdue P Sculpture

The Union

Mom and I went with the black and gold theme - there is glitter in there if you can't see it, gold branches with gold bells and black beads.  Then there is gold and black jewels around the top of the bulb and gold and black ribbon to hang the ornament.  I really like how they turned out - love mom and her ingenuity to get everything in the ornament!

This is mom today after her pain shot.  Yes, she did give me permission to post her picture but of course she is pretty drugged up (you can see it in her eyes).  Mom is crashed in bed and I am making sure she doesn't do anything stupid.  I have my fingers crossed that this shot will last longer than two weeks.  Mom thinks she is going to saw this weekend but I will have her doing other stuff to give her a break and time to heal.  I told her we can start back up the first of the year - sit back and enjoy the holidays!

That is it for now - have a great week everyone!

P.S. - Etsy and a Treasury

Cool news - I created this treasury on Sunday and just found out it was featured on the front page of Etsy this morning at 5am.  How cool is that.  I wish I had known to actually see it there would have really given me a big head :)  Lots of great things out on Etsy if you are still looking for Christmas Gifts!!!!

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