Sunday, December 9, 2012

Lots Going On

Tiesha in Heaven

I had to share any image of one of my fur babies - Tiesha.  Mom and I still celebrate St. Nicholaus Tag (from our time in Germany) on December 6th.  I bought mom two pairs of earrings and she bought me a heated throw (I keep my house at 62 degrees).  Under the white blanket is the throw and it gets nice and toasty.  The cats have been in heaven the last few days - as you can see with Tiesha all sprawled out.  Yes - she is a watermelon on four legs but that just means more of her to love, like her momma :)

Mom laying out pieces
Sorry for the absence but I think mom and I needed a little break.  The past week we have been laying out pieces we want to take photographs of and post on Etsy.

This is my setup area for taking pics - that is a sunlamp I am using because it has been gloomy the last few days.

Me working on the computer to crop and resize images.  Then working on slowly (very slowly) adding them to the Etsy store.  I have a few more pendants to add, some beads and then I am adding the plates and some jewelry.  Like I said it is very slow going.

While I have been doing the Etsy thing - mom has been working on making ornaments.  I found cool directions on Pinterest for making ornaments.

A couple of finished ornaments.

Bing Images
The last week things have been up in the air at work for me and my co-workers.  There is some moving around of people and we don't know what is going to happen in the next month and a half.  It is nerve wracking when you don't know what is going to happen (at least we know we all have jobs).  But not knowing if you are still going to be working with your friends is not fun.

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I am also looking into refinancing my home.  I am more than underwater with my house (and buying a house was supposed to be a good investment).  Over Thanksgiving I tried to call Bank of America (who has my mortgage) and when I started to ask more questions the guy hung up on me.  I am giving the guy the benefit of the doubt (but seriously don't think he wanted to help at all) but I am talking to a manager next time.

Bing Images

I have also been doing a lot of house cleaning.  A lot of good ideas for cleaning the house on Pinterest.

I have been in my house eight years - I moved in on December 31st 2004.  I love my house but I spend so much time at mom's house now it doesn't seem feasible to keep going back and forth between houses.  That is why I so want to refinance the house, find out what I need to do to sell the house, sell the house, move back home with mom (I would love to be back at mom's by this time next year).  Mom and I have a plan of action that I just need to move forward on.  So, cross your fingers for us please.


  1. Sending positive happy refi/sell house prayers your way. :)

  2. I hope that it all works out for you! Being together would be a blessing indeed! Enjoy the day. Sending those vibes your way. Erin

  3. Me too...sending good vibes your way! Shame on Bank of America, BTW....

  4. I would LOVE hanging out in your house for many reasons, but keeping it at 62 is one of them! I'm a cold-lover!


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