Sunday, December 16, 2012

A Break and Selling Yourself Short

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Well, I wish I could say that this was a picture of mom and myself on the beach somewhere but it isn't.  Though we are taking a little break right now.  Mom is having a lot of issues with her arm (can't use the flex shaft, trouble writing and don't think she can use a saw). 

Mom sees the pain doctor on Wednesday for her last steroid shot and we have our fingers crossed that it will help for a little bit.  Mom did go and see a chiropractor/acupuncturist for her neck and arm.  Instead of helping it actually set her back - though the deep tissue massage she had on Friday helped out some.  We are hoping if she takes a break it will help out her neck and arm some - cross your fingers.

I did want to share some images of the polymer clay pieces (which I had not done yet) mom and I bought from Alexa at the Frankfort Art Show.  They are so stinking cute!  Mom already has a plan for one of them and I think I have an idea for the owl.

You can find Alexa's work at her website DragonFlame Design.  All of her pieces are awesome but I am especially in love with her dragon pendants and sculptures.  Check it out - you won't be disappointed.

I went into work today to take some things in before Monday and I had these pretty babies sitting at my desk.  They are ceramic buttons that a friend of ours made.  We had talked to her at the Frankfort show about making the buttons to use as clasps and these were waiting for me.  LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them.  I can't wait to get creating with these babies!

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Selling yourself short as an artist - are we doing that?  Mom is a little down right now because of something that happened on Pinterest.  I have been posting our pieces from Etsy to Pinterest and someone reposted it to their boards and the comment was "WTF".  I know this hurt mom and I told mom you need to have thicker skin - not everyone is going to like what we do.

Yes, I am also mad that the person who repinned the piece does not actually know what goes into making one of our pieces.  One of our plates can take up to 25-30 hours to handsaw out  (with a jewelers saw) the design, then about 5-8 hours of filing and several hours of sanding.  Then the piece is enameled which can take up to four hours for both sides.  Then you have the time of taking the pictures of the piece, cropping, resizing and then posting the piece on Etsy.  In total you have about 46 hours of work in one piece not counting the materials you spent to make the piece (copper, saw blades, files, sandpaper, powdered enamels, shipping boxes and packing materials).

I know there is an awesome article I read - I think it was on Facebook - where an artist broke down what she spent on making one of her hats.  It was a wonderful article on what she pays for her materials, how many hours she spends making her hats, how much she spends on taking photographs, how much she spends on branding and how much she spends on shipping materials and shipping.  If you know the article or post I am talking about please share it - it was very inspiring!

I just read a fantastic article called "The Question All Artists Struggle With: What is Your Art Worth?"  I really loved the last part of the article - Things to Avoid - Don't sell yourself short!

I also loved a post that Lori just did - Everyone Has an Opinion.  I recommend reading it and the article Lori shared.  I am going to have mom read this - I hate to see her hurt by this.  I know people have their opinion's and they can be cruel, but we LOVE what we do and there are other people who love what we create and THAT IS ALL THAT MATTERS!!!

Just so you all know - I am not trying to garner sympthy with this post.  I just wanted to help you all out there who feel like we do.  That you aren't alone.  Plus I wanted to do something to cheer mom up because I hate to see her down!  Also, so you all know I love making the pieces because I get to spend time with my best friend, my mom!  I think that is the best part of this jewelry business.


  1. Well, I LOVE what you all do, and I'm praying that your Mom gets some relief from the pain so you can continue to create magic with your best friend!

    1. Thank you Karin! Mom had her shot today and we will wait and see how it goes. Yes, I miss having things to enamel after she saws them out :)

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  3. I am so sorry that your Mom is still having such health issues! i am saying prayers for her recovery! I remember reading the post on FB regarding the timeinvolved in creating a bead...It is so hard to put a value to our work sometimes. My mother is my biggest ctitic. i cannot tell you how many times I have shown her a recent design, only to be a bit disappointed in her reaction. I know it is easier said than done, but please tell her to ignore ANY negative comments made by ignorant people. Your work is ALWAYS beautiful! Keep on creating!!!


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