Saturday, November 17, 2012

Review of the Show and Mom's Surgery

Last Friday, Saturday and Sunday was our show at the Frankfort Public Library.  Mom and I love this show but mom had to have her steroid shot on Friday.  There was a mix up (she was supposed to have the shot on Thursday) so mom was pretty out of it on Friday so it was me at the show.  The above pic is of the bruises mom got from her five sticks of them trying to give her an IV.  They finally had to call a specialist in to stick mom.  No - I did not beat mom because she didn't finish sawing out pieces for me :)

These are two pieces we completed on Thursday just in time for the show on Friday.  The bracelet has one of my favorite quotes and the necklace has the kokopelli pendant on it.  Love how they both turned out!

Here is a picture of the table before I got everything on it.  I made mom sit in the back corner and watch until I got everything on the table and I did let her rearrange a little.  Mom is worse than a toddler; can't get her to listen to me :)

After set up I took mom home and put her to bed.  She wasn't doing too good and I told her she was not going to the show with me that night - hey, she actually listened to me.  Plus her body shut down on her so that was a plus :)

On Saturday and Sunday this was the view from where I was sitting and working on Viking Knit.  The show went really well and I think this might have been our best year so far.  Of course now - when mom is better - we have to work and work and work to get the inventory back up.  We didn't realize how low we were until this show.

I had to share with you one of the things I bought at the show (mom and I also bought five or six of her pendants).  It is a polymer clay dragon (I LOVE DRAGONS!!!!).  The artist is Alexa and she is 15 years old.  I remember talking with her last year and sending her an email with all sorts of ideas.  This year she was asked to be in the show and she so deserved it!!!  If you have a chance check out her site DragonFlame Design.  Once I find where mom stashed the pendants I will take pics and share them - they are so freaking awesome!!!!  Right now the dragon is at work sitting in front of my monitor so I can look at it every day.

This is mom's foot before surgery on Thursday.  Mom always draws on her foot before she goes into surgery - I know our podiatrist gets a kick out of the drawings.  Last time mom drew a zipper down the area he was going to operate on.  This time it is sort of a bulls eye around the thing he was going to cut out.

This is where mom got prepped for surgery.  The doctor came in and check out her drawing and had a great laugh.  Oh, this time it took one try to get the IV in.

Here is where mom was out of surgery.  Mom would kill me if I shared the pics I took of her - of course she probably doesn't remember me taking the pics - but I am sure she would still kill me.  Mom did really well and the doctor thinks he got it all this time, cross your fingers.  He did have to make a longer incision to get it all and found branches of the thing and he cauterized them so keep thinking positive thoughts.  Of course mom didn't remember what the doctor said and every five minutes or so she would ask, again, what the doctor said.  I could have had so much fun with mom but I was a good girl.  I got mom home and put her to bed.  I stayed with her until 10:00 that night - every half hour I was giving her a cold pack to put on her foot.  It was half hour on and half hour off. 

Yesterday mom moved from her bed to the couch.  She was still putting the cold pack on for a half hour.  Her toes were cold so we found her a winter sock and I got one of those heat packs for your hand and she put them in her sock.  I also made dinner for mom yesterday (just so you know I don't cook!).  I made her corn casserole and stuffed chicken (already made just have to put in the oven).  I stayed with mom until around 4pm yesterday.

This is mom today with Zola helping her on the laptop.  Trying to keep mom down is freaking hard.  She already wants to call the doctor on Monday to see if she can walk yet.  I yelled at her - mom he made a longer incision this time - you NEED TIME TO HEAL!!!!!  Mom does not stay still very well.  I told her she can talk to the doctor on Wednesday when I take her in for her first appointment.  She is seriously worse than a toddler!!!!

Zola asleep on the laptop
So, that has been our week - from the three day show to mom's surgeries.  I think I have been a little burnt out on shows and making things.  I went to make beads yesterday, from the November ABS Challenge, and I had to stop.  I got four done and it wasn't fun.  If it isn't fun I just didn't want to keep going and maybe make a mistake or burn myself.

I know I have a lot to do - file and sand the pendant for the November ABS piece, make the beads for the November ABS piece, saw out the piece for Erin's color challenge and make the beads for the challenge.  Make this week, since it is a short week, I can get this stuff done.  I just need to suck it up buttercup and get it done.  I will have my weekend to veg and then it is back to work!!!!

Have you ever had that feeling where you just didn't want to do it anymore - right now I have it.  But I think if I take it easy this week the artistic vibes will come back.  Plus it isn't fun when mom isn't out in the garage with me.  I don't have anyone to talk to  or just knowing she is out there with me.  Oh well.

You all take care this weekend!!!!


  1. Hope your Mom feels better soon. I know all too well what sore feet are like!

  2. It sounds like surgery was successful, really happy to hear that. Hear you on the whole mom thing. We were struggling with my mom after she had a stroke - no you can't get up/go there/clean that! SIT STILL! :)

  3. I hear you on the Mom side...mine lives with me now. Isn't it funny how the tables have turned and the dUghters now take care of the mothers? So glad your Mom is on the mend though! Your show setup is awesome...I really love the shelves that you use. Good luck getting your muse back...sometimes I feel like throwing in the towel myself!


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