Sunday, November 25, 2012

Playing with Pictures

Yes, I know I should be in the studio working but just not feeling it.  Mom is down with a stomach bug and I have been with a headache for a little over a week.  Plus I feel like something is missing - I have all these ideas but just no umph to get them done - such as the ABS Challenge piece and this Friday is Erin's reveal for her Color Challenge.

So, instead I have been playing with some of our pictures.  These are pics I took of mom's Oriental bushes.  The first pic is the original picture and the second one is from me playing in Pic Monkey.  Enjoy while I try and finish sawing and filing - maybe.

Bush 1

Bush 1 altered

Bush 2

Bush 2 altered

Bush 3

Bush 3 altered

Bush 4

Bush 4 altered

Bush 5

Bush 5 altered

1 comment:

  1. Love the alterations! Have to agree with you,
    my muse is on break. :)


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