Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Finished Pieces

As you all know mom and I have a show this weekend - Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  We are trying to finish assembling last minute pieces, get the inventory laid out, figure out what we want to take, label the inventory and get mom over to the doctor for another steroid shot in her neck.  So, a lot happening in the next three days.

Here are pictures I promised of the finished pieces.  I still have a bracelet I am assembling and mom is assembling one more necklace and if we have time some earrings.


Leaf Bowl


Sugar Skull

Better pictures of the bowl, mask and sugar skull.  All three pieces started off as as a flat sheet of 20 gauge copper, mom puts a design on the copper, I saw out the perimeter and then mom saws out the design.  Once the piece is sawed out we file and sand and then I enamel.


Polymer Clay Beads from Tropical Blonde and our lampwork
glass beads with Czech beads as accents

Polymer clay beads from Tropical Blonde and our
lampwork glass beads with Czech beads as accents

Our lampwork glass beads, Czech beads, Mookaite

All the bracelets have our lampwork glass beads.  Two of the bracelets have polymer clay pillow beads from Tropical Blonde (love, love, love her polymer clay).

I am in love with this necklace and I am not sure if I will let mom sell it at the show :)  The circles and clasp are copper we sawed out and enameled and we made the lampwork glass beads.  Mom assembled the whole thing with jump rings.  Mom done good!!!!

Mom calls the beads Butterfly Kisses because the beads remind her of butterfly wings.  I made the beads and we used freshwater pearls and Sterling Silver spacers.

This is our Scottish Thistle necklace.  The pendant is enameled copper and we have our lampwork glass beads, Czech beads and I think the red beads are either Mookaite or Jasper.  I will have to ask mom.

I hope you enjoyed the eye candy :)  I hope we can get the last few pieces done tonight and I can share pics later.

Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone!


  1. I love the leaf bowl and those blue lentil beads in the necklace. But what I really want to know is when you will start offering some enamel clasps! ;-)
    Enjoy the day.

  2. Wow, wow and wow! The leaf bowlis one of my favs, but this sugar skull is so great. Design, colors, everything!

  3. WOW! You two have been very busy and the pieces are great as usual. I especially love the orange bowl, sugar skull, and the Butterfly Kisses necklace...great work.

  4. Your work becomes more and more creative and stunning as time goes on! I loooooove the Butterfly Kisses beads a lot!

  5. Wow! Everything is fantastic! LOVE the leaf bowl! And, personally, you should keep the necklace you labeled as your is my favorite, too! Your enameled clasp is stunning! best of luck at your show, and I hope your Mom is doing well!


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