Sunday, November 4, 2012

Enameling Sunday

Today was another enameling day - I enameled the sugar skull, leaf bowl and a mask.  While I was enameling mom was assembling necklaces.  This is the circle necklace she is working on right now.  She is only about a third of the way done and she hopes to finish it tomorrow night.

Another shot of the circle necklace where she is adding on the beads.  I really like what mom did with the jump rings.  Don't worry I will be sharing images once she is done.

Here is the leaf bowl - sorry for the poor quality images.  I was taking them out in the garage with the overhead light.  I wanted to get a blog post in before I left for the day (I am exhausted).  I will be taking better pictures this week and posting them on Flickr and Pinterest.

This is the mask - the color scheme looks simple but trying to get the colors just right on the mask is a pain in the butt (yes I was swearing at mom at times).

Finally the sugar skull.  Mom scanned the sawed out piece and then printed it off.  We sat together and decided on where we were going to put colors.  Yes, there were some disagreements on what colors to use and where.  In the end both of us are really happy with the way it turned out.

These are two necklaces mom assembled and then I crimped.  I want to take better pics especially of the beads.

This is what I am working on.  Mom strung the beads and then I crimped them.  I still have to add the clasp and mom is going to wire wrap the kokopelli onto the three stands.  I can't wait to see the finished piece.  We just have four more days before the show and we still have some pieces were are assembling and then we have to figure out what we want to take, create labels and tag everything.  We have a lot to get done before Friday and I think we can do it.

I am done for the day.   Mom has gone grocery shopping and I need to go home and do laundry and clean the house a little bit.  Have a wonderful Sunday everyone!


  1. Fabulous work girls. Love, love the enamel work on those three large pieces and your lampwork is looking super. I notice you have an etsy shop.... I would love to buy a leaf bowl like the one above. Are you planning on putting in etsy, or is this just for the future? ( I couldn't get it to open)
    Jenni ( Australia)

  2. I love the enamel work and the lampwork beads - you sure have been busy!

  3. Love your jewelry and enamel work. thanks for sharing.


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