Sunday, May 29, 2011

I Heart Macro Sunday

First off, I am in love...

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I am in love with frit!!!!!  What, you thought I was talking about something else :)

This is the "Tub o' Frit" I am playing with.  Sandi, of Sandi Carrico Jewelry Artist, was liquidating her glass inventory and she was kind of enough to ask us if we would like to purchase some frit from her.  Are you kidding me, "YES, YES, YES!!!!".

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I was like a little kid asking their mom for something from the store.  "I WANT ME SOME FRIT, I GOTS TO HAVE ME SOME FRITS - I WANT, WANT, WANT!"  I was all for throwing myself on the ground and whining and crying for the frit.  I didn't have to stoop to such drastic measures, mom said yes we could buy the frit.  I think she felt a temper tantrum coming on if I didn't get the frit, my mom is the bomb!!!!  Love you mom :)

I am in so much love with this frit right here - Apricot Sorbet.  Oh boy!!!  The color just looks tan, but you put the frit on the glass and oh my goodness!  IT IS THE BOMB!!!  I must find me some more of this wonderful and glorious color!!!!

This is called "Monet" and it is a subtle color.  I am still working on finding a color glass where the frit shines.  I do like how it sort of makes a spiderweb design on lite transparent purple.  I want to see what it looks like when I etch the beads.

This is called "California Poppies" and it is a wonderful orange.  I have only used it on two beads but I want to play so much more!  Oh Sandi, all of the frits are wonderful and I am having a blast playing with them!!!!

This is a shot of some of the glass I used to make the beads found below.  Oh, all the brown spots you see on the table are from glass popping and landing on the table.  Which is much better than landing on me or mom - hot glass on tender parts of your body is sure not fun.  You lampworkers know what I mean :)

These are some of the beads made with the "Apricot Sorbet".  I will get these cleaned up and pictures taken so you can see them better.  I am so excited about these beads.  Love, love, love.  Sorry, can't stop gushing and I am usually not a gushing person, just ask mom :)

More beads that I worked on.

Mom went on an earring making spree.  I think she completed nine sets of earrings and two keychains.  Now that the sun is out today I hope to get photos taken of these bad boys.

Another image of the earrings from the side.

Here is a full length image of all the earrings that I need to take photos of.  I think mom did a great job on all of those earrings.  I think she might be working on more now.

So, that is my Heart Macro for Sunday.  If you would like to play along head on over to Studio Waterstone and join in the fun.  Or, if you don't have a camera take a minute to look at all of those who are participating.  Have a wonderful Sunday!


  1. Great shots! The Monet and California Poppies are my favorites! Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. I wish you were more are so cute! It's nice to find something that makes you all a tingle! The Monet frit looks beautiful - right up my alley!

    Enjoy your frit and your long weekend!

    Patty from My Life Under the Bus

  3. Beth, hopefully I have found a way around blogger's glitch by signing in with name and URL. Anyway, so you had a little frit fit did you? Love the colors, the earrings are fantastic, the 2 on the bottom, the tan with the multi ( monet maybe?) frit and the ivory are my absolute favorites

  4. That was the cutest posting!! So glad you were able to get all this lovely bits of glass to have fun with :))) The earrings look wonderful!!

  5. What a cute post I had to giggle because I have a 2yr old and boy do I know tantrums.
    You frit shot is fabulous!

  6. Hi ladies, I have been so busy, I finally found a few moments to stop by. Love the frit colors, Monet makes my heart pitter patter but unlike me the egg shape beads that look like they may be the Apricot are gorgeous!! That is not usually my color choice but I love them!! Happy Mem Day hope you are both enjoying the long weekend!

  7. a little frit-obsessed, are you? that's ok, there are worse addictions. very nice colors!

  8. A girl can never have enough frit...that is my motto...sounds like yours, too.
    Lovely photos, the beads with apricot sherbert really pop. Mum did a great job of the earrings.

  9. Oh, a fritt fit how fun.....your work is wonderful. This is an art form I would love to know more about and someday learn. Beautiful beads. The sun is finally out here this evening...time for a walk with the camera maybe.

  10. Frit-tastic! I love how the earrings are turning out. So-o-o pretty!

  11. Love how pretty all that frit is! So exciting to play wiht new goodies!! Amy @

  12. Frit is so cool! My friend just hooked my torch back up, so I might, if it's not too hot tomorrow, try to play with glass tomorrow. I wonder if I can remember how to do it after a year away from it?

  13. Beautiful shots, beautiful beads and I think gushing is perfectly acceptable.

  14. I heart your use of frit my sweet friend! Those beads are awesome!!!!!!!


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