Tuesday, May 10, 2011

After Action Review of the Delphi Show

Delphi Square
This is what awaited us on Saturday morning.  At least it didn't start to rain until after we got the tent up and the sides up on the tent.  So, there was a plus that morning.
This is an image of the vendors setting up.  As you can see there are puddles on the ground and sides are up on all of the tents.

As many of you know mom has been having issues with her neck and left arm.  This past Wednesday she had another steroid shot in her back and she isn't suppose to lift anything for a week.  I knew there was no way I could get the tent up by myself so I asked my good friend Lisa to help us.  Lisa was kind enough to come all the way from her house to Delphi to help me set up and tear down.  Plus, Lisa helped me yell at mom whenever mom went to lift something.  Lisa YOU ROCK GIRL!  I don't know how I would have done it without you.  You the bomb!
This is the tent all set up.  I did let mom set up the inventory because she has OCD about the inventory.  I just set it out and let mom go to town, I also leave the tent at this point because we end up yelling at each other :)  I still love you mom with all your quirks!
This is one side of the tent with the set up of the shelf.  We usually have two layers of shelves but I told mom no.  I was afraid of wind coming and knocking the inventory over.  I don't think she was happy with me when I said no to the second shelf but it is a good thing we didn't put up the second shelf because later in the day the wind did picked up and one vendor had one side of their inventory fall over and was destroyed.  I can I say "I told you so mom".
A great picture of mom and the other side of the tent.  Mom is so much more photogenic than I am.  You are looking good mom!
We usually have a screen that is set up in front of the tent with all the pendants, earrings, and stainless steel necklaces on it, but because of the rain we didn't want the cards ruined so we laid them out on the table.  This table has all the pendants laid out.
This is the set up for the bowl table.  We usually don't use all three tables but because of the rain we had to improvise to get all the inventory our.  Last year a lot of our bowls sold at this show but this year not one bowl sold.  It is weird what will sell one year to the next.
I wanted to take my macro shot for I Heart Macro at Studio Waterstone's site.  I didn't get the shot posted but I thought I would still share it.  These are raindrops on the tent.

If you don't know already I love barns.  I love paintings of barns, I love photographs of barns I just plain love barns.  Well, after we got set up mom was heading to the restroom, in the courthouse.  In the courthouse they had people who paint set up inside.  Mom walked inside, so this painting and asked the lady to put it on hold for her while she went to get her checkbook.  Mom bought me the painting, is she sweet, though she is isn't suppose to be buying me stuff, but I still took the painting :)  The painting ended up winning Best in Show and mom took a picture of the artist with the blue ribbon in the back.  Mom you are the best and I guess I will keep you!
We had this lovely customer buy our "Friendship Circles" necklace that we made from the Bead Soup Blog Party earlier this year.  The customer was just all bubbly and excited to wear the necklace and mom wanted to capture that with a picture.  We really hope she enjoys the necklace!
This was a perfect end to the day.  The sun did show up later in the afternoon and that did bring out more customers.  Overall the day was a hit.  Mom and I did really well at the show and we had a wonderful time.  The volunteers and the people who put the show on did a wonderful job yet again!  Mom and I can't wait until next year's show.


  1. What a wonderful Mom you have! The painting looks beautiful as does your setup. I can't believe none of those bowls sold! People can be fickle in what they go for from one minute to the next though. Glad all in all you had a good show. Amazing that you thought of your macro shot in the middle of it all!

  2. Except for the rain it sounds like you had a great day; so glad it was successful. Thanks for the note about the frit - I can't wait to see what you do with some of it...have fun playing!

  3. Great Mom, great show, great product - what more can a girl ask for - oh I know - no rain on show days! LOL


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