Wednesday, May 25, 2011

BTW (Bead Table Wednesday) - 05252011

It is another BTW (Bead Table Wednesday).  I think this is the first time this month mom and I have participated, but this month has gone so fast I can't remember if we did or not.  I still feel like we are in the beginning of the month and not the end of the month. 

Today is also my 10-year anniversary since I have been home.  Mom and I arrived in her driveway at around 6am from a long, long, long drive from Fort Hood.  Around 8am my grandma called asking if we were going to meet her for lunch at 11:30, welcome home Beth :)  I still can't believe it has been 10 years, it feels like it was just yesterday.  I miss the Army but I don't regret my decision to get out, because if I didn't get out I wouldn't be here today showing you our Bead Table :)

As you can see we really aren't using a table; we are using mom's washer and dryer to lay all of our projects out.  We can't work on her kitchen table because of the cats and until recently it just has been too cold to work out in the garage.  So, these are multiple projects in the works.

This necklace is called Cotton Candy and the only thing that needs to be done is for me to add the clasp to the necklace and the bracelet.  If you can't tell I have been playing in Picnik with the photos :)

This necklace is called Black Widow and as you can see I just need to add the chain to the beads and the clasp and it is done.

Not sure what mom has planned for this one, but she has all the components laid out.

Mom has the polymer flowers laid out with the beads she wants to use in the projects with the flowers.  I am sure she has a plan, mom always has a plan!

These are the other projects sitting on the dryer that need to be worked on.  If you can see to the right, that is all new Zebra Wire that mom ordered that came in last Saturday.  We have some others on back order but I think we will be using the wire to make more Viking Knit.

Well, that is it for us tonight.  Head on over to the BTW Flickr site and see what everyone else is creating on their tables.

Oh, so you know, all the polymer clay flowers are from BeeTree by m.e. and the lampwork glass beads are made by mom and me.  Except for two boxes, those have beads by Juls and Cindy Gimbrone.


  1. That is a whole lot of beading going on! I am curious... do the beads end up in the dryer? I have also heard that you can tumble your pieces in the washing machine... is that why you bead in the laundry? ;-)

    Enjoy the day, Beth and Evie! And happy 10th anniversary!

  2. Happy Anniversary!!

    OK...not sure how I missed this but I did not realize you gals did lampwork?! I love several of the styles I see in your photos. I did not see any in your shop, though. Would you guys be interested in selling some?

  3. Happy Anniversary and I am so glad you are here too! Those necklaces are so spectacular I am drooling!


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