Wednesday, February 16, 2011

We are Back and BTW

Happy Dancing Kitty (not one of ours)

Hello!!!!  Mom and I are back.  I am still coughing, going on week 2.  Last night I took some of my cough medicine with codeine, because I went on a coughing spree.  I ended up staying up until 2:00am and then getting up at 5:45, which makes for a long day. I thought I would work on making some fishscale beads for mom, but as tired as I am right now I figure I would burn something important, so no torching tonight - rats!

I know it has been awhile since we have done any posts about stuff we have worked on or made, but today is a great day to show what we are preparing to enamel this Saturday since it is BTW (Bead Table Wednesday).

Here is what mom and I are working on:

These are pieces mom and I are using for the February Challenge on Art Bead Scene.  Mom sawed all the pieces out and now they just need to be filed and sanded.  We have already filed and sanded four of the pieces and we still have these and pieces in a little container to do.  I am so looking forward to enameling those little suckers (not)!
These are pieces that will be enameled this weekend.  Sorry, for some reason blogger rotated the picture and I can't upload it correctly.

Our bird pendant that still needs to be enameled.  I have an image of a finch so I know the colors I want to enamel the pendant.  Next to the pendant are beads from Kelley's Beads.  These are the last of the egg beads I bought from her (I still have three more I need to do something with).  I also want to incorporate ribbon, but I am not sure how yet, just threw it on the tray so I wouldn't forget about it.

I hope to have more to post this weekend.  I hope by then I am done with this cough and I have lots and lots of enameling pictures to share with you.

Have a great week!  It is hump day - celebrate!


  1. Beth, these pierced designs are amazing! I'm sorry you are feeling well. Codeine in the best thing I know for a cough though.

  2. Oh more birdies!!!!! I love the pendants mom sawed out! I so want your cough to be done with it is interfering with your fun (and our eye candy..LOL)

    Hugs and Healthy thoughts!


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