Thursday, February 3, 2011

Soup's On Baby!

This is what arrived on Monday, but because of the winter storm, that throughly destroyed the week, we didn't get the package opened until tonight.  Mom was nice enough to wait for me to open the package, but I was bouncing in my house all day Tuesday and Wednesday because I wanted to see.  Yes, I know, I don't have any patience, but when you see what we received then you will know why I was so eager to open up this package!!!

Copper Handcrafted "ground coffee" Pendant by CBandCO
Kristi is a silversmith, but also works with copper.  She started out as a lampworker and she aslo does Viking Knit.  Mom and I are so excited to be working with her!  You can find her here CB&CO and on Etsy.

How goodies came wrapped
I guess I have kept you in suspense long enough.  Here are the goodies.

I already have an idea and mom said she had a few ideas too.  I am going to have to swipe what I want to work with before mom does.  You snooze, you lose!


  1. Wow - great haul! Makes me wish I had signed up - but way too much going on in my life right now. Maybe next time?? If Lori does a next time - lol.

  2. Looking forward to see what you guys create with this great stuff!

  3. AHHH what great ingredients! You will make a fine soup indeed!

  4. All's fair in love and beads, baby! Can't wait to see what you guys cook up together!


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