Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Crud

I am home today sick with "The Crud". I finally went to urgent care this morning and they said I have a viral infection. I am thinking great, as I am about to cough up a lung. Mom calls to make sure I am alive, isn't she great! I have cough syrup to help me sleep at night. Now I just need to hope my voice comes back soon. I hope you all are doing better than I feel.


  1. Sending you MUCH love, Beth. There is a lot of nasty going around this winter~ so take care of yourself. Drink lots of fluid and get some Airborne to take. It'll help with energy and keep you from feeling quite so dead.


  2. Seems like this is making the rounds. Unfortunately, you just have to wait it out. Feel better soon!

  3. Oh honey! That is EXACTLY what I have! You didn't catch it through the blog, did you? Drink LOTS of water, eat soup and rest. That is the only thing. I feel like my voice will never come back. But it is good to know that I am not alone in feeling this icky!
    I am thinking of you!
    Enjoy the day, Beth.

  4. Feel better soon. We are sick here too and I know I didn't pass it trough the blog ;-)
    Shannon C

  5. Thank you everyone for your well wishes. They make me feel better (in my head at least). Still have no voice, but I did make it into work. May you all have a wonderful week!


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