Sunday, July 25, 2010

Rainbows, Skulls, Flowers, Bowls, Oh My!

Rainbow - MI Art Show
The above picture is of the rainbow after a huge thunderstorm came through the Michigan, Ann Arbor, Art Show on Friday night.  They actually shut down the fair around 7:00pm, it might have been because of the tornado sirens going off.  That is just my opinion, but who knows.  And yes, my friend and I were still at the art show when the sirens were going off.  I am still working on photos, so I will upload them tomorrow.  I just thought I would give you all a teaser to come back and see what we did.

Today mom and I were in the studio and I was able to get four bowls enameled and three pendants.  I need to work on fixing a pair of moon earrings because enamel filled up one of the holes and I need to drill the enamel out and I was just not up to that today.  I also have to work on two bowls that I messed up, but that should be an easy fix (at least I hope it is).  Sorry the pictures are so big, but I am having issues with blogger not letting me change the sizes of the images.  UGH!!!  Thank goodness I was able to at least up load the images. Enjoy!

The bowls are a mixture of transparent yellows in the middle of the bowls; transparent blues; transparent greens; transparent purples; and transparent oranges.

The first pendant I enameled was another Kokapelli pendant.  This time I used the colors of orange, red and yellow in the pendant.  The crown is a flame red, the body is transparent oranges and the flute and feet are transparent yellows.

Kokapelli Pendant

The next pendant mom and I worked on was a skull pendant with flowers, a heart and a dove cut out.  I used white as a base coat, with red for the dove, yellow for the eyes and transparent mauve purple on the flower in the forehead and the heart.  I am still out on whether or not I like this piece but mom said she likes it.  It is just not what I thought the pendant should look like, to me it looks like a clown.  Mom said is up to the person on what they see (like I said, a clown).

The next pendant we are calling "Flower Power" because it is based off a bowl mom and I worked on a few weeks ago. The colors are transparent yellows and transparent purples.
"Flower Power" pendant

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