Saturday, July 3, 2010

Long, Long Studio Saturday

Today was a long day in the studio, seven and a half hours.  OMG my feet hurt and mom's neck is killing her.  I was able to get the following items enameled: three bowl, two leaf, a gingko pendant and four kokapelli pendants.  The kokapelli pendants were a request from a friend.  She asked me to use black, turquoise and fuschia, though I didn't have fuschia so I tried to improvise.  (If you want to see the names of the colors I used please head over to our Facebook page.  I will also work on loading the photos to our Flickr account).

When we first got to the studio we filed and sanded the pieces, which seemed to take forever.  Once that was done I started on my enameling assembly line.  Mom worked on cutting out more pendants to enamel because I want to get those posted out on Etsy.  I think the pendants might sell better than the assembled necklaces, though I could be wrong.

I am so happy with the way the enameled pieces turned out.  I had to improvise on fixing the kokapelli pendants because the trivets but indentations on the sides of the piece, so I have to file the indentations down so they don't get caught on clothes or cut someone.  I hate how the filing makes the backside of the pendant look, so I improvised to fix the problem.  There was a lava rock sitting on the kiln with wires sticking out, so I hung the kokapelli pendants on the wire and stuck it back in the kiln for about 45 seconds to melt the glass again.  Overall I pretty happy with the way the back of the pendants turned out.  I think I am going to wrench my shoulder of the socket trying to pat myself on the back.

Today was also the day I launched our EB Bead and Metal Works Facebook page.  I tried to load the Facebook page to blogger but I am having issues, I might have to do log the page from work.  I know I have the pop up blocker off, but when I tried to load the page I keep getting blocked.  Oh well, another day's work.

I did take the time and take photographs (though I really wanted to go home and crash on my comfy couch and not come up until starting the process all over tomorrow).  Enjoy!

"Flower Power" - Peace symbol design
"Awakening" - Lotus flower design

"Forlorn" - bonsai tree design

Kokapelli pendants

Pendant 1

Pendant 2

Pendant 3

Pendant 4

Gingko and Leaf Pendants

Gingko Leaf Pendant

Red/Orange/Yellow Leaf Pendant

Yellow Leaf Pendant


  1. "I think I am going to wrench my shoulder of the socket trying to pat myself on the back."

    Uh. Here, let me help with that. (The patting of the back not the socket thing)

    Holy Ska Wee! I'll just go ahead and call dibs on "Flower Power"~ save yourself the listing fees and send me an invoice. ( (I'm totally serious)

    Also? Your friend that is getting those kokopelli does she live? I mean like her SPECIFIC ADDRESS. I'm not going over there or anything....I just want to know where those awesome pendants are going to live. By the way, do you know where I stashed my black ski mask?

  2. The Yellow Leaf Pendant is beautiful!

  3. Please let me know when the kokapelli pendants are in your store. One has my soul burned into it. I am a flute player and part native american!!!
    Love them!

  4. PS I am having a Holiday Give Away!! come check it out!
    Monday is the deadline- Happy 4th!


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