Sunday, July 4, 2010

Crashed and Burned but Productive Studio Weekend

Mom Crashed on the Floor
Today was another day in the studio.  I think mom and I are trying to make up for all the time we were not in the studio for the past month.  I think we both have agreed that we cannot do two days in a row in the studio.  Mom's neck gives out and I have shooting pains going up my feet (even with inserts in).  Goodness we are getting old and falling apart.  How do you like the photo of mom crashed out on the studio floor?  Pathetic, aren't we?

I am excited about all the work that we did get done.  I was able to enamel two very large bowls, which we probably won't ever do again, or if we do, we will only make one a year.  Those bowls are a pain in the a$$ to cut out and even worse trying to get the enamel on the bowl and then putting the bowl in the kiln.  Though one of the bowls is a wedding gift for my aunt, so she is well worth all the swearing mom and I did while making that bowl!

I was also able to enamel two more leaf pendants, a happy/sad face pendant, a film reel pendant (part of a project I am working on), two pairs of hand pendants for earrings, and fixed a sun flare pendant and a dream shaman pendant.  Though on the sun flare pendant the holes filled with enamel, and to be honest I sure as hell was not going to drill out the enamel.  Mom and I are going to have to improvise on adding wire to the pendant for a loop. 

I think tomorrow will be a relaxing day, maybe.  Mom is going to work on cleaning her house and I want to tackle my junk room (lord give me strength!).  I then want to come over to mom's to work on lampwork beads and finish off the tanks so we can order more oxygen.  I also want to take photographs of my ceramic pieces from my spring semester and re-take photographs of the pieces we have worked on this weekend and get them posted out on Etsy.  Wow - not so relaxing is it.  I also want to order some enamel because we are out of or almost out of colors that we use alot (credit card save the day).

Ok, enough of my typing your eyes off :)  Onto the images....


"I Do" bowl

"Lollipop Lollipop" Bowl


Happy/Sad Face

Dream Shaman Pendant

Film Reel Pendant

Trans Greens Leaf

Spruce Leaf

Sun Flare Pendant


Yellow/Green Earrings

Yellow/Purple Earrings

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  1. I understand pain! I worked for 12 hours solid two days in a row after no work at ALL for weeks, and yesterday I had to collapse in bed with pain killers.

    I know, I'm a slacker.


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