Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Move, Inventorying or SleepyCreek

Well, yesterday our department moved to our new home on the second floor.  For the past six years we have been down in the lower level (basement) and NO ONE came to see us unless they were bored or needed information.  This will be something new for us all.  The move took all day and some of us had power in our cubes and network connections and then there were the rest of us (ME) who didn't have power and still did not have a network connection when I left for the day.  But I am moved into my cube, and I have all my pretties and plants moved and set up for display.

We also had a staff meeting where our boss said we didn't have to panic about our jobs disappearing (at least for now).  That the new implementation goes into affect on July 1st, but that just means it is business as usual.  Our boss will now have two bosses to report to and we just carry on like we have done before.  I think most of us are still in panic mood and updating our resumes.  I am trying to keep a positive attitude but it is hard when everyone else is wondering if we should even bother unpacking our personal boxes, from this move, since they are already packed up.  At least it is the weekend!

So far this morning I have got my oil changed and tires rotated on my car, mom picked me up and we mailed off Jul's box and a box to my niece and nephew, at breakfast, went to Walgreen's, Hobby Lobby, Shoe Carnival (I bought two pairs of sandals), and now I am checking email since I have not been able to do that since 8:00am yesterday morning.  Mom and I need to work on inventory for a show next week but I think I have her convinced that we need to go to Sleepy Creek Vineyards for a wine slushy plus I need to buy more of my coffee (I drank the last of it on Tuesday and I am in withdrawal).  We can do inventory when we get back.  Plus it will be nice to drink, knit and not think about work or anything else for a few hours.

Tomorrow we will be in the metals studio working on enameling the rest of the bowls that we have formed, form the bowls mom finished sawing out, work on part of a piece for June's Art Bead Challenge, and a piece for a friend of mine.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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