Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Switch Plate Covers

On Sunday, 26 July, mom and I went to the metals studio in PAO to work on cutting out more pendants, bowls and enameling. I wanted to work on my pieces for my V-J-J necklace but we could not find the pieces. I was really disappointed because I want to get a new necklace made up for our up coming shows (we did finally find the pieces but I started working on the switch plates).

For the past few years I have been trying to find electrical outlet covers and switch plate covers I like for both of my bathrooms. I have yet to find anything I liked so I decided to make my own covers. I decided to draw a template on a copper sheet, cut out the templates, drill holes and cut out the areas where the outlet and light switches would go. I would then use enamels that are close to the colors I have in my bathrooms. I got the covers cut out but I am still working on drilling the holes and cutting out the outlets and switch areas.

I did get one light switch plate done for my bathroom. My walls are a light purple/dark pink kind of color so I used a white enamel as a base coat and then used four different colors of pink and purple on top of the white. Overall I am really happy with the way the cover turned out, except for the warping. I know there is way to fix that problem, but I can't remember how, so I have an email message into my professor asking for help. I now just have to work on the electrical out let cover and the light switch plate and electrical outlet for my other bathroom.

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