Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Breast Cancer Ribbon Rosary

This past weekend I worked on making up enough beads for a Breast Cancer Awareness Ribbon One Decade Rosary.
I wanted to make sure I had enough beads made up so I could have a selection of the best looking beads for the rosary. I made mom go through all the beads and pick out 10 of them. It is a good thing that I did make up extras because some of the ribbons popped off the beads. I need to learn to flash the bead more in the flame to make sure the stringer is stuck to the beads.
The cross was made from black glass and then I wanted to make a pink ribbon on the cross, but I accidentally melted the ribbon in, so instead I put more pink on the black and feathered the glass. I love how the cross came out. Oops become art, how about that!

I showed the rosary to a few of my friends and they thought it was great. I want to make up more of these rosaries for Breast Cancer Awareness month. In the past, mom and I have set aside 10% of sold "Pink" inventory to donate to the Cancer Center on Purdue. I would like to do this again in October.
In the future I would like to talk a group of artists into having a show to donate money from their sold inventory to the Cancer Center or to other cancer research places in the country. I know this would be a big undertaking and I would have to do research, find artists, find a place to have the show and talk the artists into donating their inventory, time and money. I just need to start planning now and maybe in a few years I can get this off the ground.

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