Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Spirit of Monticello

Mom and I had our first festival of the season. We were at the Spirit of Monticello on 25 July 2009. Both mom and I were not even sure the festival would be going on because of the thundershowers that came through early in the morning and then while we were setting up a big downpour came through about half an hour before the festival was to start.

I am so glad mom and I got the tent out and practiced setting it up with the sides on Thursday because we really needed those sides up when it started to rain. Some of the vendors did not have tents or tents with sides, so I was feeling kind of sorry for them.

Mom and I were able to get the tent up, tables up, and most of the inventory out before the big downpour came through.

The day started out really slow and I was not even sure we would make our booth fee. But in the end the day did turn out nice. The sun came out around noon and the temperature started to warm up which brought out more people to walk around. Yeah for the sun!

Our soggy tent after the first rainfall

Images of our inventory

Images of the stormy sky

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