Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Knitted Baby Hat Project

Mom and I have been knitting baby hats for the past six months. During my textiles class one of the projects we had to do was knit a preemie baby hat. We had to use five double pointed needles to make the hat. I didn’t think I would learn to hold the needles, but I did and I ended up loving to knit. I wish I had this class prior to grandma passing away because we could have sat together knitting. I can just see her now shaking her head at me. J

Mom loved the baby hat and she wanted to learn how to knit. So, I started teaching her how to knit. We also took a beginning class at River Knits downtown. Mom and I even had the same woman teach us that we had going to see Grandma once a week, reminding her how to knit. I know Grandma appreciated Heather’s company as mush as she did getting back into knitting. She only wanted to make dishcloths, which she gave away to friends and family.

Mom and I want to knit 50 baby hats, and then donate them to the preemie wards at the hospitals. Some examples of the hats we have made. The red and white hat is the one I did in my textiles class. Mom and I like the Sugar and Cream yarn.

The next project mom wants to start are hats for ladies undergoing chemo treatments. That is something that I am going to have to learn how to do and then teach mom. Mom already has her yarn all picked out. I want to start knitting helmet liners for soldiers. I got the instructions from Siggy and now I just have to figure them out! J There are some other projects I would like to work on, but first I want to get mom started on the chemo caps and figure out that helmet liner. As usual mom wants to run before she can walk. The patterns she likes are not exactly beginner level.

I did knit an adult hat called the “Democratic Hat”, and I had to use bigger needles. I am starting to like how the hat looks because at first I was not happy with it. Plus the needles are a lot bigger than the needles that we use to make the baby hats. The needles just feel unwieldy, but I got over it and completed the hat.

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