Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Ceramics Studio - 1/30/09

Mom and I went to the ceramics studio on Friday. I wanted to make a couple of cups and another textured cylinder. The last two cups I made are the best of the bunch. I also think the last texture cylinder I made turned out really well. I think the last cup I made was my ninth cup, plus the two other textured cylinder’s I made. I guess practice does make perfect.

My next project is to make a lidded cylinder. This time we will use red clay to make the lidded cylinder. This cylinder is just like the cups, but this time I enclose it than cut out the top to make a lid. The class has to bring in images on Monday to show Siggy our ideas. I went through a bunch of Birds and Bloom magazines that mom and I have. I found pictures of flowers, a bird, and a butterfly that I liked. Mom came up with a great idea of making a pane for each image and stagger the boxes around the cylinder. I am also thinking of incorporating images of tree limbs over the surface of the cylinder between the panes.

What we will do once the cylinder is made, is draw the images onto the cylinder and than carve the images out in relief (not sure about spelling). I am not looking forward to the carving part. Siggy said we have to figure out how we want to carve the image. She will show us the tools to use, but we have to figure it out ourselves.

I still have not figured out how to throw a cup on the wheel yet. I am going to ask Siggy for more instruction or tips of how to do it more effectively. Will keep you informed about the progress in that area as it happens.

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