Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Ceramics Studio - 15 February

I had a few things I needed to get done on the 15th in the ceramics studio. Mom and I headed over to the studio around 7:30am. I wanted to get to the studio before anyone else because I don’t like working when students are there. I also wasn’t sure if the studio was going to be open, because Siggy said it would not be open on the weekends. So, if the ceramics studio was closed mom and I were going to work in the metals studio. Luckily, the ceramics studio was open.

The first thing I did was to get out my lidded cylinder and finished painting on the last layer of slip. I have no idea why I had to paint on slip, because I was out sick the day Siggy went over that section. I am just doing what Siggy told us to do.

While the cylinder was drying, I worked on throwing five clay slabs. We are using these slabs to make a rectangular, open, box. We are supposed to get that demo on the 18th in class. I got the five slabs made, though they aren’t to the size needed, but it is close enough. The clay is just too heavy for my wrists and hands to be comfortable working with.

The cylinder still was not dry so I had to use one of the heat guns to dry the sides of the cylinder. Once that was done, I could draw on the sides. The images I am using are from Birds and Bloom. I am using the images of a bird, daisies, a Calla Lilly and a butterfly;each images is in a “frame”. I was trying to think how I would draw a “frame”, when I said to myself, “use tape to make the outline of box.” Sometimes I just surprise myself.

So, I got the frames put onto the sides, I then started to draw the images. I did have to have mom’s help a couple of times to get the image to look alright. Overall I am pretty happy with how the images turned out. Since it was getting close to us having to leave. All I did was to take a carving tool and carved out the outline of the images.

On Monday in class I finished carving out the images. I am really happy with how the cylinder turned out, which I am sure surprises mom, because I am never happy with how anything I make looks.

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