Thursday, February 19, 2009

Ceramics Class-First Cylinder-2/18/09

Today was a good day in class. I actually threw one cylinder on the wheel. It has taken me about 10 hours to throw one good cylinder. I now just have nine more I need to turn in.

The cylinder that was good enough to keep was one of six that I threw during class. The other five just weren’t good enough because there was not a 90 degree angle in the bottom or I messed up the top of the cylinder and could not save it. I didn’t think Siggy would let me keep the cylinder because she wants us to cut the cylinder down the middle to see if there is a 90 degree angle.

Siggy even came over and said good job when I was done with the cylinder. At least she is seeing me trying and practicing at throwing. I thought this would be easy, but I think this is the hardest class I have taken, even drawing was easier than this. Who would have thought I would say that. But I think I am receiving more satisfaction from this class then I ever did in the drawing class.

You would not believe how many things you have to think of as you are trying to throw a cylinder. I told Siggy that I missed my metals and that this was hard.

You have to remember to keep your elbows dug into your side; have to remember which hand you have to use when inside the cylinder; you have to think about pulling up the sides of the cylinder, but while you are pulling up you have to push in toward the center of the wheel or the sides will be lopsided. You are exhausted when you are done.

I will have to take a picture of the cylinder and post it with this blog. I am just happy that I finally got one cylinder made after all the failures. As mom says it takes practice to get you to the point of making one cylinder.

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