Monday, December 22, 2008

Undergraduate Exhibits

Purdue Visual and Performing Arts encourages students to enter the annual Undergrad Exhibit. Each student enters up to three submissions in metals, painting, drawing, textiles, sculpture, or photography. The submissions are juried, and prizes are awarded to the winners. Also the submissions are retained on display in the galleries in the PAO building for two weeks following the judging of the exhibit entries.

I entered my first exhibit in the Spring semester 2007. I entered my fishscale necklace; the Georgia O’Keefe enameled tile; and the enameled bowl. None of the submissions won a prize, but, at least, I was brave enough to enter.

I entered again in the Spring semester 2008. This time I entered my casted Celtic necklace; the Abundance and Scarcity necklace; and the die-formed fish necklace. I actually won Honorable Mention in metals for the Abundance and Scarcity necklace. I received a certificate and a $25 gift certificate, which made me feel very honored that someone liked something I created.

I will enter one more time in the Spring semester 2009 exhibit. This time I anticipate entering my final project for textiles, a headdress; a goblet I made in metals class; and I am considering entering a drawing of a horse I did in one of my classes.

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