Monday, December 22, 2008

Instruct an Enameling Class

Sharon Owens has been after me to give an enameling class at Inspired Fire. Sharon says that they receive a lot of comments from customers about our enameled pieces and that Sharon thinks that people would sign up to come in for a class.

Mom thinks I would do a wonderful job of giving a class, but I don’t believe her. I don’t feel like I know enough to give a class. Sharon says it would be easy, but of course that is easy for her to say. Sharon gives classes all the time. UGH!

Of course there is also the issue of buying supplies. We would have to have pre-cut copper pieces that students would use to learn the enamel process, and we would have to buy the enamels for the students to use. At least we can buy pre-cut shapes in the copper, so we don’t have to worry about teaching the students how to use a jeweler saw, which would be an additional expense. That would be another nightmare. Trying to teach people how to saw properly so that they don’t cut themselves with the saw blades or break umpteen saw blades. That is so much fun J

I put Sharon off this past year, but I am thinking about this coming summer maybe doing a class. If I look over my enameling book maybe I can come up with some plan of study. Who knows, maybe this could be a new thing for me. Of course that means I have to talk to people and we all know how good at that I am.

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