Monday, December 22, 2008

Salt Fork River Festival

This past fall our friends Dawn and Joe Taylor had their first art festival at their winery, Sleepy Creek Vineyards. They had approximately 20 artists set up booths for the two day event. Both days were nice, but I have to say Saturday was the nicer weather in regards to heat and humidity.

The atmosphere was nice and relaxed with people walking around with wine glasses full of the winery’s slushy mix or their very own wine. The clientele was different from what mom and I were use to from the craft shows we had done in the past. The clientele seemed to really appreciate the time and effort that went into the jewelry we had displayed.

We received a lot of comments and feedback from people who looked at our jewelry. We received some great ideas to try, which we have not had time to try yet, but I am looking forward to this coming summer to try them out. It’s just too cold in the garage.

I believe this festival was the most relaxed that mom and I have ever been in regards to a craft show. Of course it might have helped with all the slushy mix that we had during the course of the day. We can’t help it; the wine slushy mix is just so good!

Dawn and Joe have done a wonderful job with the winery. It was great to walk around the vineyard and see all the vines they have planted, the scarecrows (from a competition they had) that were out in the fields, and to just watch all the people who came out to enjoy the day at the winery. Link to the vineyard:

I am really looking forward to next year’s festival. I am counting down the days!

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