Monday, May 23, 2016

Fun Filled Weekend

Computer room cleaned up - and new location of light box.
This past Friday both mom and I took the day off to work in the house and outside. What we ended up doing was working in the garage - to clean it out and move all of the copper and sawing stuff back out there since it is warm enough to work outside.

After we got the garage cleaned up we then cleaned out the computer room and moved stuff around. There was a small aisle I could walk through to get to my side of the house - now I can actually spread my arms out and twirl around. Now that it is de-clutterd mom doesn't feel so claustrophobic in there. We also moved the light box around - so I have more room to take pictures.

This is the side of the garage that is setup for lampworking, enameling and sawing. As you see mom is in her spot sawing out a plate.

Gluing down patterns on copper.
On Saturday mom and I worked on sawing out pendants. Mom and I have a custom order we are working on - a customer, from Etsy, wanted a leaf pendant. So, we are sawing out six pendants so I can enamel various colors she wanted so she has a selection to choose from. Whatever ones she does not purchase I will put out in the Etsy shop.

This is a pile of pieces I am working on. I usually saw out the perimeters and any easy designs. Mom is the one who likes to saw out the intricate designs - no thank you!

This is a short video of mom sawing out designs on a plate.

This is a look of her hands after she has filed and sanded a pendant. Her hands are usually black and green from the sanding of the pendants. I am so glad she doesn't mind doing this part of the pendants. I really hate filing and sanding!!!!

This is the pendant I was working on sawing out - like I said - I like the easy designs to saw out! But it gives you an idea of the size of saw blades we use.

After I got done sawing - I went inside to work on creating a banner for our outside shows. I think I have up to five designs created. Mom looked them over and we both like the last one I created (which I don't have showed here). We both decided we didn't like the font that came with the design - so changed the font - and I changed the layout of the images. Need to make a couple more changes and then have mom look at it again to make sure there is no misspellings and we are both happy with the design. Decisions, decisions, decisions.

Sunday was working outside - because, well, the weather was just gorgeous! This is one of the plots in the backyard that mom wanted to re-do. We tore out three, very large, ornamental grasses. We also tore out this black cloth, that the people who created the plots laid down, and wasn't doing much of anything except making our lives miserable. We then put in 30 bags of dirt and planted flowers. The two lilac plants and the two large day lilies, to the right, are what were already in the plot - everything else is brand new.

So - a lot was done this weekend. I feel great and like we actually accomplished something.

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