Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Busy and Productive Weekend

This past Saturday was the Round the Fountain Art Fair, which mom and I have gone to each year since I have been home. This year we bought four more metal sculptures to put in the area between my extension and the main house. This is our metal art area.

A hummingbird smelling a flower

A woodpecker

Two birds sitting on a plate

Two owls
Once we were done shopping it was time to work in the garage and finish up sawing, filing and sanding the special order leaf that was requested by a customer on Etsy.

While mom was filing and sanding the leaf pendants - I was working on sawing out a lot of pendants. If you haven't been able to tell - I HATE file and sanding. I love my mom because she does that for us - she is beyond awesome. She has some mad sawing skills and she is nice enough to do the stuff I hate :)

Here is mom filing and sanding a large leaf bowl. Once she is done with the sanding - I will heat it up so she can pound the copper into shape.

These are all the leaf pendants that she got filed and sanded. They are just waiting to go into the kiln.

Link to the YouTube video
The above is a link to the YouTube video I posted of mom pounding the copper into shape. Mom is very particular on the feel of the bowl. She will pound the copper for awhile and then hold it in her hand to see if she likes the feel of the bowl. She will continue to do this until she gets it perfect.

On Sunday I worked on enameling the leaf pendants and bowl. For three of the leaf pendants I used the colors the customer requested and the other three leaf pendants I played and experimented with color.

While I was enameling I had to kick mom out of her usual spot. So, she had to move over to where I usually work. Each of us have a different working style and we have to have our spots set up in a specific way. Yes, we are weird and I freely admit it.

So, mom worked on filing and sanding the pendants I sawed out. Next weekend I will enamel them and hopefully have pictures to share with you.

Mom also finished sawing out the eagle. Now it has to be filed and sanded and then we talk about what colors we will use to enamel it.

This is our lovely kiln going hot and heavy. You can sort of see the leaf pendant sitting on the trivet.

And here are the finished pieces after they have cooled off and ready for pictures.

So, Monday was picture taking day. I really love this new lightbox set up that we put together last month.

After pictures were taken - it was time to edit those pictures. I use Picmonkey - and about all I use on it is the crop and resize of the images.

So, I got all the pendants listed into our Etsy store - and shared the images with the customer who got us started on the leaf pendants. She picked the leaf she wanted and I listed the rest.

SOLD - Green Leaf Pendant
Dark Green Leaf Pendant
Yellow and Green Leaf Pendant
Pink Leaf Pendant

Red Leaf Pendant

Yellow Leaf Pendant
So, that was our weekend. Just a little bit busy - oh and plus mom worked in the yard a little bit on Sunday - along with all the filing and sanding. And yes, she is glutton for punishment. Believe me if I had known what she was up to - there would have been much yelling going on. Sometimes I wonder who is the mother and child :)

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