Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Flower Pics from Mother's Day Weekend

This past weekend mom and I went to the little hort park near where I work to see if any of the flowers were blooming. So, yup - some of the flowers were in bloom.

I really love the peony flowers - I just wish the ants didn't like them too - otherwise I would talk mom into buying some to plant in our yard. My grandma had them in her garden and I loved them - of course you had to shake the ants off or you would have them all over.

The white peony flowers just looks so ethereal. I love those they look!

Love these little purple flowers - they had blooms all over the place.

And the last flower I will share - not sure what it is - reminds me of a daisy. But I love how the petals are curling in.

Now I can't wait for more flowers to bloom - especially the poppies. I love the poppies - but they weren't there yet. Mom and I will have to go and check it out this weekend - plus see if there are any more flowers to take pics of.

I love spring - more flowers to take pictures of!

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