Monday, March 23, 2015

Weekend Enameling and Creating

Saturday ended up being an enameling session for me. I enameled pendants for several projects we have going on.

The pendants on the left are for the March ABS Challenge piece - the bottom right pendant is from the January ABS Challenge piece we didn't complete and the top right corner one is just one we had sawed out and ready to enamel.

This is a piece that mom has had sawed out for about eight months and I am just getting around to enameling it. I wasn't sure about how I was going to do the colors mom wanted and I really didn't want to mess up this piece. Mom is really happy with the way the piece turned out.

While I was enameling mom was laying out pieces for us to assemble. We went to the Dollar Tree and bought more cookie sheets and then went to Hobby Lobby and bought foam sheets to lay in the tray for us to layout the pieces on. We think this works great for us - we can have multiple pieces going at once - this also allows each of us to go from tray to tray to make changes (especially if each of us don't care for the layout of a piece).

This is what one of the trays looks like with the foam in the bottom. We are re-doing our Viking Knit pieces by adding beads to the Viking Knit.

Here are the final pieces after being enameled. I am really happy with the way they all turned out.

We are actually making two pieces for the March ABS Challenge - never thought I would say that.

This is mom laying out the beads for the challenge pieces. This is where we both discuss what we do and don't like about the piece.

All finished - now just have to assemble. We did have to go our local bead store on campus to look for clasps - we both didn't like the ones we had. Of course we go and can't find a clasp we like or that wasn't too small. So of course we are going to improvise, adapt and overcome by making a clasp for each of them.

So - that was our weekend. How was yours?

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